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September 2013

  • “Get Over Here!” Oakley Takes Center Stage in Mortal Kombat: Legacy Digital TV Series, Season Two Launches


    Posted 10 months ago by Andrew De Lara

    The Mortal Kombat franchise has been kicking butt and taking names for decades. With famously gruesome action, unforgettable characters and legions of die-hard fans across the Globe, there’s simply nothing like it. Flash forward to the present and the video game series has finally come to life in a manner fitting of its legend. Enter Warner Bros.’s “Mortal Kombat: Legacy,” the online TV series. With a widely-followed mythology as its backbone, MK finally got its chance to shine in ways that previous cinematic attempts at telling its stories, simply could not do. In conjunction with the grand release of the latest MK Game for diehard fans, the first season of Legacy dropped in on fire, with massive YouTube hits and stellar game sales. In the middle of it all was, you guessed it…Oakley.

  • The Oakley Factory Pilots Storm Flugtag


    Posted 10 months ago by Jes Stockhausen

    With a three-foot under bite and a saw–tooth mouthful, the Oakley Factory Pilots’, Der Fliegende Fish, took third place overall in this year’s Redbull Flugtag in Long Beach.

  • Massive Turnout for World Premier of Jake Blauvelt: Naturally at Oakley HQ


    Posted 10 months ago by Chasen Marshall

    Anyone who doesn’t like deep pow, technical riding, positive vibes and lots of early-season schmoozing was best advised to skip the world premier of Jake Blauvelt’s signature flick, Jake Blauvelt: Naturally, at Oakley HQ. Based on the merits of that previous sentence, you can safely assume that the house was packed.

  • Oakley Shows its Stripes at Angels Stadium

    Employees with Nascar

    Posted 11 months ago by Oakley, Inc.

    As the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim took on the Texas Rangers at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Calif. on September 6-8, 2013, Oakley teamed up with Infinite Hero Foundation to share the meaningful work they are doing to combat the mental and physical issues facing military heroes and their families.

  • Need for Speed: Oakley Women Learn How to Drive like a Pro at the Porsche Sport Driving School


    Posted 11 months ago by Elishia Matta

    Everyone with a driver’s license has found him or herself on an empty stretch of road and thought about racing off into the distance. Some of us may have even acted on that impulse… Last week, a group of Oakley Women were invited to indulge in that innate fascination with speed with the Porsche Sport Driving School (PSDS) in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • August 2013: A Month In Photography


    Posted 11 months ago by John Ohail

    August was a busy month for Oakley athletes of every kind. Check out some of the best photos coming from all the sporting action across the globe.