"I am a laid back girl from the central coast in NSW, Australia. Born and raised here it truly is my favorite place to be with beautiful beaches all along the coast and great golf courses next to them. It’s outside Sydney so it’s nice and quiet and very cruisy which I like when I come home to relax. I know I’m laid back not only because I grew up with my mum but also because of this place its a perfect place to grow up."

"I travel the world for a living its such a adventure I realize how lucky I am to be able to do what I love for a living. Its not what its all cracked to be living out of a suitcase but I’m cool with it I have been doing it for so long now its just second nature to me. I try to learn a new language every week but lets just say I am not the best at picking up the lingo the years of speech therapy as a kid really have not helped with foreign languages."

"I love the grilling season in Europe and I love the off season in Australia playing the Aussie circuit with all your mates but when I’m not playing golf I love playing a few games of squash catching up with friends for a Gloria jeans ice chocolate, enjoy the sun in the summer and just enjoy the simple things that life brings to us everyday."

- Nikki Garrett

Q & A

  1. Once I

    Eagled 2 of the last 3 holes to make the cut in Portugal, which was an awesome feeling!!

  2. Travel Can Be

    Amazing, fun, very stressful I love getting off the plane at a new country every week, but I hate booking a flight on Sunday night for a Monday morning flight! Its fun when you are driving around Europe on wrong side of the road and have no idea where you are going but I must say the best part of the travel is when you are boarding a 24 hour flight home after a few months away and you can't get the smile off your face the whole way.

  3. You Feel Pain

    When you have six hours to go on a flight and you feel a migraine coming on and knowing you have a connecting flight with another 13hrs of flying.

  4. What Are Risks

    Slacking off while pursuing a dream or goal. You get one shot and don't want to die wondering what could have been.

  5. The Crowds

    Love seeing birdies but at the same time they secretly love seeing you stuff up so they can relate to it and talk about it... Everyone likes talking about bad shots for some reason. Home crowds are the best they are so supportive and pumped for you.

  6. I Prefer

    Doing stairs or hill runs compared to running 10kms. I hate running, I need it to be short, quick and painful otherwise I get bored... There's just something about running up huge stairs a bunch of times in a row and not feeling your legs after.

  7. The Fans

    So supportive they drive and fly from everywhere to see you I love the young kids that come out and are so excited to see you and than you give them a ball and you make their week.

  8. The Last Time

    I went on a holiday without my golf clubs was nearly six years ago to New Zealand, the sad thing is I still picked up clubs while I was over there... I think I am addicted.

  9. Cigarettes Are

    Dirty! I can't stand them everything about them is a big turn off... I've never had a drag in my life and I'm planning to keep it that way.

  10. Alcohol Is

    Something I enjoy very occasionally, especially with the girls after I haven't seen them for a while... I love a chill out session with a few beers. its something I like not to over indulge all the time, but after a while that first Asahi beer or jagerbomb is a sweet taste.

  11. My Parents

    They have my back at all times, my mum is the most laid back cruisiest person I know, I love chilling out playing golf with her, we are so much alike in so many ways its funny. And my dad is stubborn like me but he always gives in the end. We have a great time together no matter what. I'm truly blessed to have these peps as parents.

  12. Filming Can Be

    Amazing, especially when you travel so much. I have footage of my swing from all ages and its great to look back at them and see how you have progressed over the years, its great to put your swing or stroke on camera and pick up so much and you think why didn't I do this sooner.

  13. Oakley Is Different

    Because it's modern and stylish. The eyewear is always ahead in technology and the clothes are so funky, Oakley out does the rest.

Nikki Garrett

Date of Birth:
August 1, 1984
Bateau Bay, NSW Australia
Magenta Shores Resort
Geeking out on my DS, Squash and Relaxing

Career Highlights

    • 2006 European Rookie of the year
    • 12th on 2006 European order of merit
    • Australia Women's World Cup, finished 6th
    • 3rd Wales Open
    • 3rd Norway Open
    • 9th Catalonia open
    • 10th Dubai Open
    • Ranked #1 in Australia
    • Represented Australia on various occasions
    • QLD Strokeplay Champion
    • Riversdale Cup Champion
    • 2nd St. Rule Trophy