Q & A

  1. What is more important to you than surfing

    Family, skiing and sailing

  2. Favorite Books

    police books

  3. When did you start your sport

    In 1993, i was racing bmx before

  4. Years as a professional


  5. Favorite Drink

    Vodka tagada

  6. f you could be someone famous, who would you be

    Prefer to be quiet and not too famous

  7. To me, Oakley is

    The best quality sunglasses and the most inovating

  8. Favorite Films

    Elmodovar films

  9. What move / trick are you working on

    None, but I have been dreaming since I was young to do a 360.

  10. What are your favorite songs currently loaded onto your Thump

    Gotan Project

  11. Who / What inspires you

    The love of riding, jumping and being in nature

  12. Number of years participating in your sport


  13. If you were not a pro surfer you would be

    Probably something

  14. Do you have any other special talents (music / write / draw / paint)

    Nothing that I know

  15. Party animal or mellow TV on the couch


  16. Favorite TV Shows

    Les Guignols

  17. Favorite Bands

    Manu Chao and Noir Desir

  18. 5 Items I can't live without

    avaianas sandals, Thump 2, cellphone, and picture of my rabbit.

  19. Any last words

    Go riding and have fun.

Anne Caro Chausson

Date of Birth:
October 8, 1977
Dijon, France
Skiing, Sailing, Traveling

Career Highlights

    • 2008 Olympic Champion-BMX

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