Q & A

  1. What was your most satisfying or memorable result and why?

    3rd round of the Australian in 2005. The atmosphere with my friends in Australia and the chanting and cheering that occurred that week was awesome!! Quarterfinals of the doubles at the US Open in 2008. We were televised the entire match and my family and friends got to see me on TV. And the crowd got behind us even though we lost the match, we were so close!

  2. Your strengths:

    My serve and forehand. I have an aggressive game style, so my ability to attack. I love being able to come to the net…singles and doubles.

  3. What motivates you?

    The love of playing the game and enjoying the competition.

  4. Confidence is:

    Belief in your ability to perform.

  5. The biggest obstacle you have had to overcome:

    The death of my best friend in the whole world, my mother. We lost her to Glio Blastoma Multi-forme Brain cancer. That was the toughest thing to witness and to lose is obviously the hardest thing I have ever had to go through.

  6. Favorite tournament?

    Tough one….US Open because it's our home front, but Wimbledon has to be the greatest because of the history and tradition. But I love the people in Australia and the atmosphere they provide for the competitors.

  7. The first time you put Oakley sunglasses on and wore them in an event:

    UCLA half way through the first season in 1999-2000.

  8. Who is your real life hero?

    My mother, she fought a hard battle with cancer and had the most positive attitude through all the pain and let downs.

  9. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

    My assertiveness! Need some more of it ;)

  10. What do you value most in your friends?

    Their loyalty to me and their understanding through the emotional highs and lows of the last four years.

  11. What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

    No true virtue is overrated. All are important.

  12. What do you do for fun outside of tennis?

    Love to hike, snow shoe, horse back ride, biking, my attempt at surfing, watching movies, playing cards, being with family and friends.

  13. Favorite vacation destination?

    HOME which is now Colorado! But I do have to say Australia is a close second. And probably Melbourne so I can visit with my friends there.

  14. Which movie star do you most identify with and why?

    Ha! I am way too old school…I love Audrey Hepburn’s style. Love how she dressed and carried herself. Total femininity. Would love to pull off her look and demeanor.

  15. Favorite movie of all time?

    That is tough… three way tie between Braveheart, Gladiator, Matrix.

Abigail Spears

Date of Birth:
July 12, 1981

Career Highlights

    • 2005 Singles 3rd round of the Australian Open ( beating a seeded player)
    • 2004 Singles Finals of Quebec Canada from Qualifying
    • 2008 Quarterfinals of doubles at the US Open. Taking out the number 2 seeds

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