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April 2010

  • ESPN Interviews Oakley's Grete Eliassen

    Grete Eliassen at The Canyons Resort - Stan Evans-Red Bull Photofiles

    Posted almost 4 years ago by Erin Edwards

    ESPN interviews Oakley’s Grete Eliassen on everything from how she prepared for her world record jump, to what possessed her to do it, to her new movie, “Say My Name,” to her upcoming trip to Whistler.

  • Oakley's Grete Eliassen Sets New Hip Jump World Record

    Grete Eliassen Boosts 31 feet - Stan Evans-Red Bull Photofiles

    Posted about 4 years ago by

    Despite unprecedented spring snow storms, including 22 inches of snow on jump day, The Canyons Resort’s park crew shoveled, cut and shaped more than 45,000 cubic yards of snow to create the largest snow terrain park feature ever built in Utah. Why you ask? So Oakley’s Grete Eliassen could achieve a monumental personal goal and truly change the game in women’s skiing.