Amber Wing - Oakley Move of the Year and Best Female Wakeboarder

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September 14, 2010


Transworld Wake

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Nicola Butler Poster P1030750 L1010095 Nicola Butler_1808 Nicola Butler_1807 Oakley Pro Wake Team 2009 The Crew - Thanks Texas Mastercraft For The Boat Nasty Tail Grab From Nicola Butler Nicola Butler Was Busting Out All The Tricks Booyah - Sick Indy Poke From Nicola Butler Nicola Butler Brought Her A Game To The Sunset Shoot Nicola Butler Is Only 17! Nicola Butler Sending It Over The Wake Nicola Butler Boosting Nicola Butler 1st & Amber Wing 2nd Nicola Butler Schooled The Competition NIcola Butler Has Sick Style Harley Clifford and Nicola Butler Have A Laugh Nicola Butler Enjoys A Laugh Pre Heat Run AW_Nic4 Fawcett_Nicola4 Fawcett_Nicola_board Fawcett_Nicola_stale Fawcett_Nicola_tow Fawcett_Amber_Nicola on boat Co Nicola 1 Nicola_Small