Oakley's Gretchen Bleiler Stars in 2009 Stance Snowboard Film


Oakley’s Gretchen Bleiler stars in the 2009 Stance Snowboard film. The movie starts with her recalling a dramatic fall and what she learned. It then goes on to show why she is one of the best women in snowboarding.

The film combines the best female snowboarders in the business, a super talented film crew, and only the best shots, the Stance film is a must-see. Not only do they create the most innovative female snowboarding film to date, but they push snowboarding’s creative and cinematic boundaries. It’s pretty obvious from the teaser that not only do these girls kill it on their boards, they ride because they love to, and they want to share their passion with anyone who’s watching. These girls inspire girls everywhere, not just on the mountain, but in life. Check out the teaser and download the 2009 Stance Snowboard Film.

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October 07, 2009