Where in the World is Anne-Flore?


Obsession is defined as “a persistent disturbing occupation with an often unreasonable idea” but Anne-Flore Marxer would argue her obsession with things of a frozen nature is well founded. First, there’s the ice cream, a food group of it’s own. Then there are the Alps which hold everything dear to her and finally, there is the snow which she stalks around the world.

Summer is over and Oakley’s Anne-Flore is on the road again, searching for the ultimate stashes. She started her summer season in Chile, then traveled onto Austria for an Oakley Women’s snowboard camp. Oh, the life a professional snowboarder…

Where will she be next? That’s up to you to find out.

Anne-Flore will be blogging on MySpace from November to February to document her experiences and give a glimpse at life on the road. On the 15th of each month, Anne-Flore will drop a hint of where she is in the world and contestants will have until the end of the month to guess her location.  The contestant that replies first with the correct answer will win a Stockholm goggle and a signed poster of Anne-Flore. The next four participants with correct answers will win a signed poster and a sticker pack. Winners will be notified at the 1st day of the next month.

Check back soon for your first hint…


Staff Writer


November 14, 2007