Anne-Flore in Chile


Victoria Jealouse, Natasza Zureck and I landed in Santigao and hopped in the Orange Truck for a 10-hour drive to Lonquimay for the Burton summer photoshoot. I love coming to Chile with Burton ‘cause we team up with 2Tiempos, a sled company pulled together by Christian Vahrhan. These guys guys are dope! The Andes are huge and deep volcanic mountains and the sleds make them easily accessible.

We heard the waves were huge that day, so we stopped at Chipilepu on the coast and I have never seen such big waves! We heard a Chilean surfer dropped into a 12-meter high wave earlier that day…crazy! Last year one of them won the Bilbong XL Award on one of these waves. Glad I got to see that, ‘cause traveling like mad I don’t get the opportunity to see much beyond mountains…

We got to the very remote town of Lonquimay in poor snow conditions—maybe the worst conditions I’ve ever seen. After a day of scoping and a day of shooting in the studio, we went to the market and waited for the rain to stop. Victoria and I were on a mission. We love South American markets and any cultural shopping days… We got tons of really cool earrings.

Finally the weather cleared up for the last day. We were all excited and curious but wound up stuck in the mud. The guys thought they had big muscles and could push us through that crazy dirt road, but an hour later they admitted we wouldn’t make it. So, we got on the sleds, crossed the road bank from one side to the other and tried to find a way through the bush, the river, the houses, and the dirt…,

We finally made it to the top of the mountain from where we could see a huge lava river from a volcano that exploded in ’88. Crazy! We were right next to the crater that exploded, so I decided to hike and to check what was in there. It took me quite awhile to get to the top. The rocks were falling under my feet and the heat coming out of the ground didn’t make me feel any more comfortable. But once I got down there, the crater was cool! There were caves with smoke coming out from time to time. It was the first and probably the last time I’ll be on top of a volcano. Then I straped in my Gtwin and rode the dirty black sticky snow down the volcano… stoked!

That’s all for Chile…hopefully better conditions next year!
- Anne-Flore


Staff Writer


September 07, 2007