10 Minutes with Anne-Flore


Anne-Flore Marxer flew in on the red-eye from Europe last week to shoot her Fall 07 Stockholm goggle ad. She recuperated from jet lag with a San Clemente surf session, a pedicure and crepes on the pier. Before she jetted back to her summer abode in Hossegor, France (one of the best surf spots in Europe) we asked the Swiss beauty a few questions…

How was the shoot? It’s really hot out there…

Not bad, we were in the shade. I ate a ton of ice cream. No ice cream for me for a week. I really like the concept. I like that I get to work with an artist. I got to pick the artist too!

What else are you up to on this trip?

On the way here I visited my grandma in Lichtenstein and my family in Switzerland. Now I got to Mexico for meetings with Burton. Then I go to Italy to film the intro to the Pirate movie I filmed, called “Walk the Plank”. We get to dress up like pirates!

What else do you do in the summer?

I do yoga, biking, cooking. I’m learning to surf in Mexico so when I go back to France I’ll be surfing. Oh, and I’m learning guitar. We’re also building a terrace on the apartment.

Is this your first summer living on the beach?

I’ve always gone there for 10 days every summer, but this is the first time I’ living there [in Hossegor]. I also spend some time with my grandparents and parents in the middle of France, in the country. We ride horses and stuff.

Are you already thinking about snowboarding?

I really, really enjoy summer. Once it’s autumn though and the weather gets bad, I’ll be ready for snow.

I’m going to Chile with Burton and Natasha and Victoria in August.

After all the places you’ve ridden, is Europe still your favorite place to shred?

The Alps are my favorite. I’ve never been to Alaska. It’s my home mountains, the Alps. The terrain is just so good. The off-piste… you don’t need to hike or sled, it’s right there. And the après! You can’t beat the après. There’s nothing like coming back from a kicker and watching the Austrians drink and get crazy. I love just having a beer and watching all of it.

Do you have any solid travel plans for next winter?

I just want to go where the snow is. I really hope Europe has good snow this year. I want to film at home.

Where are you off to tonight?

I don’t know… Manhattan Beach? My plans change every second. I never know what’s going on. It’s really annoying!


Tess Weaver


July 06, 2007