Anne-Flore Marxer on the Cover of Snowboard Girl


Oakley shredder Anne-Flore Marxer can be seen gracing the cover of Snowboarder Magazine’s (US) Girl’s Issue, which is on newsstands now. It’s been nearly a decade since the mag first printed a women’s specific issue. “We have revived this platform to showcase the most dynamic female boarders in the world on a canvas that is focused on their side of riding,” said Pat Bridges, Editor, Snowboarder Magazine.

Upon hearing the news Oakley caught up with Anne-Flore to get her thoughts on landing the cover.

O: How does it feel to get a cover?

AFM: Getting a cover feels a bit like getting your first action shot in a magazine, I’m stoked!

O: How many covers have you had?

AFM: It’s about my 16th cover all together, but the first one in the US. I’ve had the covers of Snowsurf, Onboard IT, Cooler, Spare, Boardlife, Journal de Morges, Ushita, Whiteout, Surfeuses, She, Snowplanet girl, Slack, Beachbrother and twice for Whiteout Sista.

O: Did you know it was in the works of were you surprised to get the news?

AFM: I heard it was on the run for the cover, but that happened to me a few years back and my photo ended up not being selected. I didn’t expect too much of it and as I hadn’t heard about it for a little while, I thought it hadn’t made the cut. I was really happy when I received Pat [Bridge’s] email announcing the cover!

O: What’s the story behind this shot?

AFM: I was at Snowboarder’s Superpark (Men’s) at the end of the season, luckily the Battaleon team manager let me tag along – thanks to L’arrogs and Brendan Keenan for letting me shred that tree! I guess being the only goofy foot on that session got me the magic angle!

O: How was spending more time in Europe? Did it help you focus?

AFM: After spending 3-4 years mainly in the US I felt a bit homesick and it felt good to shred more in Europe. It was sort of a way back to my roots. But this year I felt like traveling a bunch again. I went on two trips in Canada, two in the US and one in Alaska, so I can’t really say that I spent the season in Europe after all…

O: Are you happy with how your season played out?

AFM: Not having a solid film crew makes it challenging to get videos and photos. I had a particularly difficult time getting on trips and was quite stressed about whether I’d get enough good photos. So on that part, yes, I’m pretty happy with what I managed to come out with at the end of the winter. Getting [the cover of Snowboarder Girl] gives me some extra energy to do better next winter.

O: Do you feel your riding has improved? In what ways?

AFM: The day my riding stops improving, I’ll stop snowboarding! Throughout the years my riding went from skiing offpiste, to traveling on snowboard events riding street rails and parks and then back to shredding backcountry kickers, cliffs and pillow lines.

I feel like I can appreciate the evolution of my snowboarding particularly in my terrain reading skills, especially when I go shredding with younger riders. That’s when I realize that my knowledge in the mountains has grown in the past years. That’s definitely harder to learn then a new grab!

O: You’ve stepped back from contests? How has that changed things for you?

AFM: Filming and shooting has always my favorite and what I am best at. The very few contests I’ve done were years back and even then I never really paid much attention to them. It is true that most people tend to forget about you when you are spending your time in the mountains versus at events no matter the amount of coverage you receive. Unless you get a cover shot…haha!

O: What are your goals for the coming season?

AFM: To get to shred as much powder as possible!! I put enough pressure on myself without setting goals. I’ll do my best with what I get and beyond.

O: Where will we see you next?

AFM: On the cover of the French mag, Desillusion

O: Any projects, trips, etc. in the works?

AFM: Yep, I’m trying to organize some webisodes for next year to be featured on


Elishia Matta


October 11, 2010

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