Up Close & Personal:

  3. WHO / WHAT INSPIRES YOU?James Stewart, Ricky James
  5. DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SPECIAL TALENTS? Drawing…making videos
  6. TO ME, OAKLEY IS: Great motocross goggles and sweet shades! A company that stands behind thier athletes and provides wonderful support!
    1. FILMS: She’s the Man
    2. BOOKS: Soul Surfer
    3. TV SHOWS: Friends
    4. DRINK: water, Red Bull
  8. 5 ITEMS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:Sidekick, laptop, digital camera, dirtbike, bicycle
  9. IF YOU COULD BE SOMEONE FAMOUS, WHO WOULD YOU BE? Ryan Sheckler or James Stewart…. They are both cool and awesome in their sports!!
  10. PARTY ANIMAL or MELLOW TV ON THE COUCH? Always on the go kind of girl!! I don’t like to be in one place for too long!
  11. ANY LAST WORDS? See you at the races..

Q & A

  1. Once I

    went to Japan for an all women's race (the best women racers from around the world), it was absolutely the best! I had such a great time there. I really loved everything about it (well...except for some of the food!) I got to meet some fantastic people from all over the world and race new tracks. I learned a lot about their culture, I just had a truly amazing time!

  2. What are the things that inspire you

    People who are dedicated to overcoming some obstacle in their lives through hard work and dedication! A friend of mine "Ricky James" used to race and is now paralyzed but that didn't stop him from racing and riding! He is working hard to overcome this obstacle, figuring out new ways to make up for what he has lost! He believes! That is what inspires me! That is what really keeps me going!

  3. I prefer

    Racing, riding, training, traveling and GOING OUT TO EAT? I love to eat, I know it is hard to believe but I eat a lot, eating is definitely a favorite thing of mine to do!

  4. Favorite person to travel with? Tell us a story about your travels

    I would have to say my dad; pretty much when we fly somewhere it is my dad and I. When we are out on the road training then it is with my mom and my little brother Kicker! I love to travel it is one of my favorite things to do. To pass the time I will do school work, sleep, play games or use my laptop to go on myspace. And of course I am always on my Sidekick when I am traveling, I don't leave home without it! One of my worse trips I had was a couple of weeks ago, my family and I were going to a charity race to just hang out because I have a broken ankle. We were driving along and "boom" two flat tires on one side! My dad really struggled with jacking up the motor home and trying to put on our "one" spare. We had to hang out in a parking lot with a bunch of fire ants and bugs and we couldn't go in the motor home because it was not steady. My dad finally got the one tire on but all the tire stores had closed! We had to drive very slowly back to the next town, we couldn't stay at a campground because there weren't any in the area so we got a hotel room, of course that wasn't easy either because it was Memorial Day weekend! We finally found one; my dad woke up in the morning and got a new tire. We started our trip again everyone was happy! Then "Bam" ANOTHER tire went out and this time it took the gas fill and lines with it! Oh man my dad had to zip tie and bungee cord everything back in place and than it was off in search of another Walmart. We finally made it to the race a day and a half later! FUN! A 7 hour trip turned into a 28 hour trip. What is the greatest thing you have taught somebody else? I would say "starts", I was taught a very good technique for starting, I have good reaction time and usually get good starts so it is easy to show kids how to get good starts and explain to them how important starts are.

  5. Favorite class

    if we are talking about school classes) Math, I love to do something that is a challenge to me! Right now I'm taking Geometry... wow way hard ha ha but I like it. It is nice to do something that doesn't necessarily come easy, that is a challenge and makes you feel good when you have finished a really tough program! If we are talking about motocross classes... I would have to say my favorite class is when I ride in the boys schoolboy class that is the 14-16 year old class, it is so much fun riding with the boy, they are aggressive and it is a great challenge! In 2006 I qualified for the AMA Amateur National Championships in the Boys 14-15 85cc mod class, through area and regional qualifiers they narrow the championship race down to 42 of the best in the United States, at my regional I was 5th, I was so excited! Girls don't make it this far! My goal at the national championships was top 15, I finished 11th! I believe I proved to the industry that I have the speed to run with the elite boy athletes in motocross! Today my goal, in addition to being the fastest woman in the world, is to be the first woman to qualify for an AMA men's outdoor national race!

  6. Tell me a little about your best friend. Why are they your best friend and how are you alike and different from each other

    Well my best friend, Alexah, is really cool and always supports me all of the time. She always cheers me up whenever I'm down or sad. We both ride and race so we have very similar lifestyles so we can understand each other! Other than Alexah, I am not really a person who just has one or two close friends, I have many friends that live all over I even have one good friend from Germany! I just really like to have positive, good friends that talk to me all the time this makes life more exciting to me!

  7. What fears do you have? How do you deal with them

    I used to be afraid of double jumps because I had a pretty bad crash when I was just starting on my 65cc motorcycle. I knocked out one of my front teeth and the whole thing just kind of bothered me. I didn't ride for a while and no jumping! I finally realized that I still wanted to ride and race and I knew that I had to get over that fear and go back out there and JUMP! I kept practicing and never gave up and now I love to jump! It is a huge part of MX and I love the thrill of it now!

  8. If I wasn't racing motocross, I would be

    Wakeboarding? I never actually tried wakeboarding but I really want to try it, wakeboarding looks like so much fun to me! Otherwise I really enjoy making goofy videos and taking pictures of my friends/family...Whatever! When I moved down to Florida my mom and dad got me a surfboard so when I am here at home we sometimes head down to the beach and I try to get in some surfing practice ?

  9. What do you hold the most valuable to you in life

    My family first of course and friends! Second riding and racing, Third it would have to be my Sidekick 3 t-mobile phone, it just like my best friend sometimes. That is the best way for me to communicate with everyone! In our world today the internet and text messaging are everyday things, if these things were not available to me I might just show up at a track and not have anyone to talk to! Texting, IM and the internet have definitely changed my life in the hearing world.

  10. What is the greatest lesson you have ever learned

    I think to not give up, to always keep trying and put your heart into everything that you love and things will work out! It is not always easy, if it was everyone would be doing it! In motocross one of the most difficult things is right turns because you want to keep your foot on the rear brake into the corner, it is a difficult habit to break! It is frustrating at times but you just have to keep working at it. My dad always helps me a lot with technique, when we work together I always do awesome, that is if I do it my dad's way (I have to admit ? ha ha)!

  11. Who is the most influential person in your life and why

    I would say my dad, because he is the one who introduced me to motocross ?! He has a lot of love for the sport and shares it all with me.

  12. Please add anything that comes to mind about who you are, your interests and passions and who you aspire to be in life and in the future.

    I'm Ashley Fiolek my world is motocross and for me "Impossible is Nothing", I am a girl that has grown up with a passion and love for motocross. Racing and riding are my life and I wake up everyday thinking how lucky I am. I am living my dream and I have traveled the world and seen and done things most girls my age can only dream about and this is all because I am doing something that I love to do

  13. What are the greatest hurdles you have had to overcome in life

    I'm deaf and I think the biggest thing for me when I first started racing was trying to find way's to communicate with my "hearing" mx friends. I use sign language as my main way to communicate. Now, a lot of my friends have learned sign language and I keep in touch through myspace, my sidekick, text messages, emails and writing things down on paper.

  14. What are your most fond childhood memories

    When I was a little girl I used to go to my grandpa's cabin in Northern Michigan. I used to ride tandem with my dad on his motorcycle and then we would ride through the woods and then stop at a restaurant, eat and play games. I really enjoyed that and have great memories of those times! I felt like such a "big-girl"! I had so much fun doing that with my parents and my grandpa and I couldn't wait until the day when I could ride my own motorcycle through the woods!

  15. What are the greatest signs you have received in life

    This will probably sound weird but whenever I have had a big or important race I have seen a Robin, whenever this happens I feel pretty comfortable and at ease and know that I will do well in my upcoming race!

  16. How do you see yourself? Are you rebellious? Quiet? Weird? Why?

    Well let's see I am definitely not quiet, ha ha just ask any of my friends and family no one can shut me up! Weird? I may be, but I think in a good way. I love to make people laugh and I am pretty much always smiling, everyone teases me that I smile all of the time and I am never down, always upbeat. I believe that I am mentally strong which helps me with racing and everything that I do in my life (although my parents would say I am stubborn?). I also think it is important to stand up for what you believe is right and speak your mind! Women's motocross doesn't get the coverage of men's motocross; my family and I are doing everything we can to help change this! It is not easy to go against the norm but it is the right thing to do. Women in motocross are working as hard as the elite boys in the sport and while we might not have their speed we are doing some pretty amazing stuff on motorcycles considering the physical requirements needed to hold on to a 200+ pound motorcycle! Keep watching, the women are coming!! haha

  17. If someone was to write a book about you, what would be the title? Why

    "The Fast, Silent girl" ha ha, because I'm deaf and I think it's sick and that will make people interested to read that!

  18. What are you passionate about and why

    Motocross racing, I have grown up traveling, riding and racing. There is nothing more I want to do or even think about. Each day I wake up and I know I have a bunch of things to do and each one is leading up to when I can ride! I have to train and do schoolwork and then I can get out and ride! It is the bet feeling ever!

  19. Biggest influences

    I would say James Stewart and Sarah Whitmore. When I was first involved in motocross Sarah Whitmore was the girl that I really admired and wanted to be like. She always took the time to talk to me and be a friend. For everything else motocross it has always been and is still James Stewart! I love his style and I wish I could ride the same as him! James always races and rides with his heart, he is a super smooth and talented rider.

  20. What are the things or stories that encapsulate the way you live your life

    Family, Motorcycles, Racing, and People I have met! My family are the people that help make my dreams come true, though hard work and commitment from my family I have been put in a position to realize my dreams and goals! Motorcycles because it is what I know, I have been around them my entire life, it is my life, it is what I want to do everyday! Racing because it is so much fun, such a challenge to line up against some of the best women in the world and try to win! There is nothing like racing! People, because I have been fortunate to meet some of the coolest people inside the motocross industry as well as some very cool people outside of motocross, all because of motocross. The people that believe in me as well, people that help me realize my dreams!

  21. What makes you different than other girls or just unique

    Well obviously the biggest thing is that I am Deaf and I race dirt bikes! I am also pretty laid back compared to most girls, I am not picky with clothes, I don't like to go to the mall and shop and I am not a big fan of makeup! I don't mind getting dirty ? I would much rather spend a day at the track riding and sweating then hanging at the beach or indoors!

  22. What made you start your sport and why

    My dad used to race and when I was like 3 years old. He brought me to a motocross race, I really enjoyed myself and told my mom and dad that this was something that I wanted to try. My parents bought my a PW 50 it had training wheels and was a little awkward for me, but I stuck with it and soon the training wheels came off. I started riding/racing when I was seven and I am still going strong!

  23. What interests do you have other than motocross and riding and why

    I always like to try new things, I love to fly. I love to hang out with my friends and new people. I have ridden in drifter cars and done contained air jumping...Amusement parks with my friends is always a blast too, anything new and exciting! I have really been into photography and video making for some time now. Right now I write two columns, one for an amateur MX magazine and one for an MX website. In the future I would really like to continue these passions and involve my motocross career and maybe have a career in the media doing photography or writing.

  24. If you were a rockstar, what would your album cover look like

    Something real creative ? must be black and hot pink because those are my favorite color's, maybe in the background hot pink motorcycles on black. Then in the front maybe that "Hear no evil monkey" you know because I am deaf? My hear no evil monkey would definitely have to have on some cool Oakley shades!

  25. What are the 3 biggest things you learned from your parents

    Never give up, be strong, and always be nice to all people

Ashley Fiolek

Date of Birth:
October 22, 1990
St. Augustine, Florida
America Honda, Alpinestars, Red Bull, Thule, Factory Connection, FMF, Wiseco, EVS Sports, Dunlop, Arai Helmets, Leatt Brace, Cernics, Tag Metals, True Blue Deodorizer, Kicker audio, Ogio
Making videos, taking pictures and riding my pit bike 110cc.

Career Highlights

    • 11 amateur national championships
    • 2007 Xtremmey Award “Most inspirational Athlete”
    • Featured in Rolling Stone magazine, EXPN the Magazine
    • 2 Front covers in amateur MX magazines
    • 2004 America Motorcycle Association (AMA) Youth Motocrosser of the year and Youth Rider of the year
    • First Deaf person to win an AMA National ChampionshipFirst Deaf person to win an AMA National Championship
    • Invited twice to Japan for the FIM “Japan World’s Women’s Motocross Cup”
    • Finished 11th place in the boys (only girl) 85 mod 14-15 class at the AMA Air Nautiques Amateur National