Tammy, along with her close-knit family, resides in Ballito, South Africa a small town 45 minutes North of Durban that delivers waves year round. Tammy is a true independent person in an individual sport, often traveling alone and proving she needs no company to go out in the world and get business done. Tammy is a tough competitor who fought her way through the junior ranks and onto the WQS, in which she had a successful 2006 and is currently doing well in her second season on the series. Tammy has a full repertoire of maneuvers and is even a pro at tow-in surfing in serious waves. Never one to hold back, Tammy has the attitude, commitment and support to achieve the brightest of futures.

Q & A

  1. Any special talents?

    Not really but I do enjoy skating and flow riding.

  2. Years as a pro?

    2 years

  3. What moves are you working on?

    Trying to do airs

  4. If you weren't a pro surfer, what would you be?

    I would try to be a pro skater or something like that...

  5. Drink

    Water, Milk

  6. Books

    Dove, Running with scissors

  7. Songs in your Thump

    Kings of Leon, Karen Zoid.

  8. Last words

    Fine line between confidence and arrogance.

  9. To me, Oakley is

    A futuristic company that has innovative ideas.

  10. Who inspires you?

    Any one who loves what they do!

  11. What is more important to you than surfing?

    I love my friends, family and Africa!

  12. Number of years surfing

    7 years

  13. TV Shows


  14. Party animal or mellow on the couch?


  15. Films

    Blood Diamond,

  16. If you could be someone famous?

    A girl version of Tiger Woods.

  17. When did you start surfing?

    2000, when I was 14 years old.

  18. Favorite bands

    Kings of Leon, Black sun shine.

  19. Five things you can't live without

    My ipod, skate board, surf board, car, laptop

Tammy Lee Smith

Date of Birth:
April 4, 1986
Ballito, South Africa
Red, Dakine and Built Surfboards

Career Highlights

    • 2006 5th Mr. Price Pro
    • 2006 5th World Juniors
    • 2006 Billabong Junior Series Champion
    • 2005 SA Champion
    • 2003 SA Champion
    • 2009: Current ASP Africa Champion
    • 2009: Quarter finals WQS Pipeline
    • 2009: 3rd SA Champs

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