Stacey hails from Melkbostrand, a short way up the West coast from South Africa’s fashion capital, Cape Town. Stacey has a very stylish and laid back approach to life, from her surfing to her daily attire, it must be the Cape influence. Stacey is one of South Africa’s top women surfers and has a string of junior and Open titles to her name. Stacey can mix it up with the best—busting progressive airs and going big on every turn. She has had a taste of surfing on the WQS and will make it happen on the tour once she gains a little more experience and realizes she can beat the best. Stacey is ready to go places…

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Q & A

  1. What inspires you?

    South Africa inspires me, but traveling to new places also inspires me.

  2. Five items can't live without

    Apple Ibook, Surfboard, Cell phone, Sunglasses, Coffee.

  3. To me, Oakley is

    style and innovation

  4. Favorite bands?

    Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tegan and Sara, My Chemical Romance, Missy Higgins..i like most indie alternative stuff.

  5. Party animal or mellow on the couch?

    Mellow on the Couch!

  6. When did you start?

    When I was 14

  7. What is more important to you than surfing?

    My loved ones.

  8. Years as a pro

    4 years

  9. What move are you working on?


  10. Films

    Any Thriller, cant pick just one!

  11. Number of years surfing

    About 8 years

  12. Favorite songs in your Thump?

    The New Kaiser Chiefs Album.

  13. Last words

    Do it 'cos you love it!

  14. Any other special talents?

    i spray all my own boards. I can also juggle! I also enjoy photography.

  15. TV shows

    Amazing Race, CSI, Entourage.

  16. If you could be someone famous?

    Danny Way

  17. Books

    Scar Tissue, A Million Little Pieces, Acid Alex.

  18. If you were not a pro surfer, what would you be?

    I would probably be at University.

  19. Drink


Stacey Guy

Date of Birth:
October 1, 1984
Cape Town, South Africa
RED Surf, Glodina, Dakine

Career Highlights

    • 2007 1st O’Niell Scottburgh Pro
    • 2006 1st O’Niell South African Open of Surfing
    • 2005 1st WP Cointel Open
    • 2005 1st Lizzard Nandos Surf Pro
    • 20051st Volcom VQS Finals
    • 2005 2nd Roxy Wahine Cup
    • 2005 2nd Baggies Surf Pro
    • Member of South African Junior Team
    • 2008: 1st Freestyle SurfAbout
    • 2009: 2nd SA Surfing Champs
    • 2009: Western Province Champion
    • 2009: 1st Volcom Baboonfish
    • 2009: 2nd Billabong Girls Get Out There Scottburgh

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