Oakley's Darcy Turenne Graces The Cover Of Bike Magazine


Oakley’s Darcy Turenne, known as one of the most progressive female freeride athletes in the world, recently graced the cover of Bike Magazine. In between getting another degree, hosting “The Ride Guide” and of course riding her bike, Darcy answered a few of our questions.

Congratulations on landing the cover of Bike Magazine and for being highlighted as “Mountain Biking’s Raddest Women!” Describe where that shot was taken.

The cover shot was taken on Vancouver Island, close to where I grew up. I hiked past it one day and said to myself “ooooooo, Lord of the Rings!” and 6 months later a photo that Jordan Manly shot of me wound up on the cover! The portrait was in an industrial district in Vancouver.

It is great that on top of being a professional freerider you are also a host and producer for the Ride Guide Television series. How did that come about? Describe the show.
Well, I started working in television completely by accident when I was being interviewed after my 2nd world championship. The host thought I was a natural and then the station made me a weekly short to host about biking. After that I went to Ride Guide with my resume, started as a back-up host, then moved to full time. Things have been so hectic with biking lately though that I haven’t been working with the show as much as in the past years. My focus has moved more to riding full time and starting my master’s degree which is awesome.

What has been your favorite experience from the show?
Going to Israel and doing a jump demo at the edge of the Dead Sea. Also, traveling to Hawaii and getting to surf every morning before work. Haha.

How did you get into Mountain Bike Riding?
I grew up skiing and playing every sport imaginable, and on the island I lived on, there was a big mountain bike community. One year on the national team there were 5 of us from the same tiny town! Anyways, one of my junior high teachers started an all-girls mountain bike club. I had a crappy bike and decided to join the fun! I was hooked in the first 30 seconds.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
That is always the hardest question…Mt.Washington on Vancouver Island is mega fun because the jumps are burly and it’s my home mountain. Whistler is a no-brainer when you want to have a face-aching grin non-stop for a day, and all the old-school trails on Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands are pretty amazing. As for other places around the world, I always have fun in Spain, there is super gnar in Chile, and there are some AMAZING trails in Maui.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced?
Balancing my post-secondary education, family and friends, injuries, and 250 plus days on the road while trying to keep my sanity!

What is the best advice you’ve heard?
Do what you are passionate about…and always eat breakfast.

What is the best advice you’ve heard on improving in your sport?
Focus on the basics. Do them over and over and over again and THEN learn the tricky stuff.

At this level, what is something unique that you do in your training to improve your riding?

Always have some goal or challenge in mind that I have to work towards. I want to always be doing something different that has never been done before, so to have that fire burning all the time helps me improve my riding.

How do you get and stay inspired?
I stay inspired and focused by keeping my life really diverse! I ride all different styles including BMX, dirt jump, downhill and that keeps my attention…which is hard to do! I also make sure I get in as much skiing and surfing as possible and take time to play music, paint, and challenge myself in non-biking way. I find seeing athletes excel in other sports really drives me.


Erin Edwards


October 18, 2009