Roxy Louw is no stranger to adventure.  From a young age, she traveled the world while watching her father excel as one of the best rugby players to ever come out of South Africa.  With a love of sport instilled in her brain, she experimented with many different disciplines until she found her true love of surfing.  Since that day, Roxy has spent the majority of her time on the hunt for waves and sunshine and is always searching for a stronger understanding of the world around her.

Q & A

  1. What are the things that inspire you?

    People that are are willing to stand on their points and that will reach the ends of the earth for what they believe in but stay humble at the same time.

  2. What other interests do you have aside from surfing?

    Cooking, enjoy trying new things. Natural medicine, everything originated from nature. People and there cultures, love to listen. Rubberducking (racing fast boats) in the waves, gets my adrenaline going. Dancing, music, having a good time! Laughing.

  3. What are the greatest signs you have received in life?

    I drove past a car accident on the way out one day and as the ambulance lifted the body it struck me how short life is and how quickly anything could happen. From who or what and how did they influence you going forward? Live life to the full, anything could happen anytime. Don't miss a moment.

  4. Favorite Oakley Products

    Thump, wetsuits, glasses, jeans, watches...

  5. What are the greatest hurdles you have had to overcome in life?

    Understanding who and what I am.

  6. What is the greatest thing you have taught somebody else?

    Play life by ear, don't stress. Everything happens for a reason. If you spend time worrying then the answers will slip by you. Live for today! Dream of tomorrow! Learn from yesterday!

  7. What are the things or stories that encapsulate the way you live your life?

    The saying: 'A candle looses nothing by lighting another'.

  8. What are the 3 biggest things you learned from your parents?

    # To see and live life to the full with a positive outlook. # They help me achieve all my goals and they taught me to allow myself to relax as # Stay humble! # They taught me to love and understand all different types of people and culture. They also gave me the freedom to discover and find my own spiritually.

  9. What fears do you have? How do you deal with them?

    My largest fears are inner fears...Not living up to the standards I set myself. Heights, sharks and scary old men...TRY TO FACE THEM!

  10. What are your most fond childhood memories?

    Climbing rugby poles as a kid and sitting on the poles watching my dad coach youngsters who were on fire with enthusiasm and ambition. Spending a year in Italy with the family. Building tree houses and catching tadpoles in our back garden. Acting out made-up plays with my sisters, brothers and cousins on Christmas. Playing outdoor sports.

  11. What makes you different than other girls or just unique?

    I am very in touch with nature. When I love, I love passionately. I don't see difference on a social level between ages, sexes, races or classes. I learn from them all! I'm not materialistic at all. I love the more simpler things in life. I'm very adventurous and always up for a challenge.

  12. How do you see yourself? Are you rebellious? Quiet? Weird? Why?

    I'm a combination of them all. have a rebellious spirit. I was brought up in a house hold where we were allowed to express our emotions so our whole family are pretty strong characters. If I don't agree or believe in something, I REBEL! I am pretty quite when I chill or meditate my mind. Weird? I'm not just weird...I'm a freak! I have a free spirit so I don't live to set rules created by society, I create my own rules! walk around bare foot even in malls, despite what others think! I dance when I wana dance and play when I wana play...that's maybe why I have turned to soul surfing!

  13. Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

    God. He has brought me peace in life and directs me in the right directions.

  14. What do you hold the most valuable to you in life?

    My religion. My family.

  15. What is the greatest lesson you have ever learned?

    There is no such thing as is an adventure. There is so much to do, how be bored? There is no road to happiness, happiness is the road!

Roxy Louw

Date of Birth:
June 9, 1987
Cape Town, South Africa

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