Happy in Hintertux


The Oakley Women’s snowboard camp in Hintertux, Austria was a huge success last week. With a star coaching crew of Gretchen Bleiler, Anne-Flore Marxer and Silvia Mittermuller, the event was destined for success. Each camper was handpicked from her application and interviewed by Oakley to participate in the three-day camp that included riding clinics, spa treatments and, of course, traditional Austrian lodge dinners. The sun was shining, there was a couple feet of fresh on the glacier and the park was perfectly groomed. After only one day, the three coaches had the campers doing tons of new tricks—from alley oops in the pipe to frontside 360’s over the rollers. And, of course, what would a European celebration be without an après dance party hosted by the dancing queen herself, Anne-Flore, and a healthy stock of Gretchen’s new favorite drink (recently introduced to her by Silvia), the Radler.

Gretchen Bleiler: “Oakley did a great job of selecting these 20 girls.  It’s been great dynamics in the group, lots of progression and a ton of fun and yee yahs.”

Anne-Flore Marxer:  “Yee-hah!!!”

Silvia Mittermuller: “I’ve found out that I have just as much fun teaching someone else a trick they really want to learn as I did learning that trick myself.  It’s amazing to see someone else succeed so fast with something that took you months to learn – and in the end it’s maybe even your advice that helped them with it! Coaching is awesome with such motivated girls!”

Alex Reiger (new Oakley European Snowboard Marketing Manager) “It’s a pleasure to see how much fun the participants and our riders have together and how motivated they are around each other. After this weekend, lots of girls will leave Hintertux super happy.”

Liesl Holtz (Oakley Women’s Manager): “There’s some weird looking meat here. Gretchen got brave and accidentally ate a liver ball last night. That will teach her.”


Staff Writer


October 31, 2007

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