2006 Abominable Snow Jam

snow jam.jpg

The Oakley girls showed up at Abominable Snow Jam 2006 at Timberline Resort in Mt. Hood, Oregon ready to conquer and destroy. The slopestyle course was a creative venue of different transitions and features, which included c-rails, box gaps and a jump line of three kickers. The girls kicked things off with an hour and a half jam session allowing each rider to feel their strengths out and throw down. As the session moved forward, the level of riding followed. Young gun Ellery Hollingsworth got things started strong by pulling the trigger on a frontside 7. Although she didn’t stomp the landings, she broke the seal and 720s would be the trick of the ladies contest. Last year’s women’s slopestyle winner Marie-France Roy saw where the pace was headed and stepped right up to the bar nailing her rails and throwing some of the most stylish moves in the air that exist in women’s snowboarding today.

Chanelle Sladics, who was by far the most consistent in the rail section, nailed her frontside boardslides every time on the c-box, which eventually landed her a 2nd Place spot. Right behind her, Silvia Mittermuller was determined to the end. In her final attempt at the course, Silvia stepped it up and blasted off the third jump with what is possibly the best frontside 7 ever executed by a member of the fairer sex. Along with the respect of her peers, this feat earned Sylvia the Sobe best trick honors and a new video camera. She’ll put that to good use next year as the girl’s ramp up for a new filming season. You can see all of the Oakley girls in the upcoming film Roshambo, by Misschief Films.