Hampson Wins Video Section of the Year


Danny’s unbelievable comeback from a near fatal boating accident 3 years ago has been the talk of the industry. Soon after that recovery and riding back on the water a broken ankle set him back yet again. Nobody experienced more pain and suffering for the sport than Danny that year. His passion and belief in the progression of wakeskating runs deep. Nobody doubted his ability to once again be among the best riders in the world. He dreams were about to come true.

Being voted in the top five video sections of the year was an honor. But getting two nominations was a next level commitment to filming and learning new tricks. Grabbing 3rd place for his section in Push Process was a huge accomplishment. Especially since Hampson was injured for 271 days of the production.

Once Danny’s name was announced the entire crowd of 700 people roared for this victory. The emotion was running deep for many of his close friends and teammates. He had achieved his goals and won a most coveted industry award.

“I have never worked harder in my life for anything, this means so much to me. I wanted this so bad all year and learned a lot of new tricks for this Pro Spotlight in the wakeskate Volume series.”

The Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida is the place where the entire industry converges for 3 days and work, parties, and makes plans for the future. One thing for sure is that Danny’s future in wakeskating is etched in the history books.

Best Video Performance – Wakeskate
Rider: Danny Hampson
Editor: Brandon Parker
Producer: Scott Byerly



September 17, 2008

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