Oakley Big In Texas

Big in Texas

BREAKING NEWS: Oakley’s Wake Team sweeps 2nd place in all divisions this weekend at the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard tour in Fort Worth, Texas. Andrew Adkison in the Men’s Pro Division, Harley Clifford in the Jr. Men’s Division, and Dallas Friday also taking 2nd place in the Women’s Pro Division. After a year working and filming Oakley’s First Wake Film Push Process, we couldn’t be more proud of our team and their accomplishments so early on the Pro Wakeboard Tour.

Arriving in the largest landmass / airport in the US, the Oakley Wakeboard Team was immediately greeted with 90% humidity plus 90 degree heat. “Welcome to Texas” said the airplane captain, “it’s going to be hotter tomorrow.” So we grabbed our sunscreen and headed to Lake Moser at Texas MasterCraft. This is by far one of the best places to hold a wakeboard competition. The thousands of spectators were stoked on unobstructed views of the non-stop action. Wakeboarding is hot in Texas and with the competition being held next door to the number one MasterCraft dealer in the world, things were about to get hotter.

Starting off the in the qualifier rounds of Jr. Men’s, Oakley’s International Riders were well represented from all parts of the world. Eyewear athletes Nick Davies (UK) and Harley Clifford (AUS) both rode explosive through the early rounds and earned a spot in the coveted final four. Nick rode with style and a fun first attitude. After falling twice early in the run Davies pumped up the crowd with huge cable park influenced maneuvers to complete his run and a 4th place finish. Clifford had clean tricks and composure to seal the deal on the podium. With a win in Georgia two weeks prior, Harley remains the Jr. Men’s Tour leader.

Throughout the weekend the Oakley booth was swarmed with faithful fans of the brand and athletes. Team poster signings, horseshoes and Frisbee Golf were some of the main attractions at the booth.

The local Oakley Sales Rep was on-site showcasing the latest Oakley Square O, Women’s, and Electronic Eyewear. Locals were frothing over Lyman’s latest ad and poster, a military diorama theme featuring the new Polarized OIL RIG.  As well as Amber Wing’s Uniquely poster was a huge hit with the younger female wakeboard fans. Amber was in the booth all weekend long, when not competing where her fans to ask her questions and see her sporting her favorite Oakley sunglass SPEECHLESS. 1,000 posters were handed out with at least 500 of them personally signed by the Oakley Wakeboard Team

The women’s final heat was also an exhilarating contest. Dallas Friday (USA) and Amber Wing (AUS) both qualified in top form to make the Sunday show. Amber had trouble early in her pass with 2 quick falls. And was unable to put together the tricks she had planned to get on the top of the podium. But Dallas was back to her competition form and blasted huge airs and technical inverted spin tricks to finish up in 2nd place.

Jack Blodgett (Oakley Wake Team Manager) and the entire Oakley crew have done a great job setting up the booth,” said Sean Dishman, Event Director for MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour. “As well as doing autograph sessions, distributing raffle tickets, promoting the Push Process DVD, and engaging with our crowds at each stop. Thanks to Oakley for their continued support and efforts with our series.”

When the men’s’ pro division hit the water all eyes were on Phillip Soven, Rusty Malinoski and Oakley’s two time World Wakeboard Champion Andrew Adkison (USA). When Rusty failed to land his final trick off the double up, Andrew was focused on his chance to beat the 2007 Tour Champion, Soven. And he didn’t waste any time. Starting off the dock with huge airs and super technical rail riding Andrew was in the driver’s seat until he narrowly missed the handle on a toeside 900 at the end of his 1st pass. Not be shaken up by the fall. This seasoned titleholder knows what it takes to be the best. And on his final pass. Andrew once again showed the crowd of thousands that he is the man to beat. After an awesome display of inverts, straight airs, and spins. Adkison dazzled the crowd with a massive mobe 540 off the double up.

But in the judges eyes it wasn’t enough to beat Phillip and take the top spot. The margin of difference between 1st and 2nd place was less than a point. And several fans on site could have called it either way. Andrew gave it his best and will continue to be a force on the competitive scene for years to come.

Special thanks to Chris Bischoff of PWT, and Jimmy Harvell of Texas Mastercraft for help with our Special Edition Oakley Flying Tiger X Star. And for letting the Oakley Wake Team riders shred the private lake next to the dealership for photo / video shoots. The sunset shoots with Andrew, Lyman, Amber and George Daniels were fun and super productive. Make sure to check out the 48-image interactive flash photo gallery, scroll over the images to view captions.


Matty Swanson


June 03, 2008