Rathy's Comeback


Aaron Rathy took 3rd this weekend at wakeboarding’s most prestigious rail contest on location at "The Projects" outside of Orlando, Florida, in a head-to-head battle for the title.

The Sea-Doo Wake Edition PWC delivered consistent pulls all day while Fox and Red Bull kept the party flowing with food, drinks, clowns, girls and DJ Ken Sherry. Shawn Watson (Dragon), who had been riding strong all weekend, won his round against Kevin Henshaw and Aaron Rathy (Oakley HTT) won a close match with Keith Lidberg. Rathy’s highlights included a frontside boardslide gap up the Red Bull Step Up rail. This was Aaron’s first big contest after a knee surgery. Looks like he is on track for an amazing recovery and earned the respect of his peers this weekend by making it to the finals.

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Staff Writer


May 13, 2008