Push Process World Premiere


On Saturday night the much anticipated world premiere of 1242’s Push Process drew wakeboarding’s top athletes, family and friends to Oakley headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA for a screening of the film months in the making.

Oakley, INC. was open to the public all afternoon as Matty Swanson, Wake and Snow Marketing Manager and the Executive Producer of the film set up the parking lot, lobby and auditorium for the night’s festivities.

Director Justin Stephens, wakeskaters Danny Hampson and George Daniels and wakeboarders Keith Lyman, Aaron Rathy, Andrew Adkison, Amber Wing, Jack Blodgett and Dallas Friday were all on-site, in addition to Push Process’ partners, Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, Mastercraft, and CWB.

The theater was packed when it was finally time to screen the most talked about wake film in years. The intro lived up to the hype and in 30 seconds the crowd was amped. Graphic artist Chase Heavener’s creative input did not go unnoticed. Experimental cinematography, editing and animation graphics elevated the film to a new level in the action sports world.

The HD action was insane and the crowd responded enthusiastically as the film took us from Australia to South Africa to the Amazon. One of the most entertaining portions of the evening was the crash segment—the most impressive wipeout sequence you’ll see in any action sports movie. There’s nothing like looking around and seeing hundreds of people react in unison.

Congratulations to Matty Swanson for putting together a flawless premiere and a monumental film!

For more info and to view teasers, please visit www.pushprocessmovie.com and oakley.com/wake.


Staff Writer


November 14, 2007

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