Nothing "Quiet" About Aaron Rathy or His Riding: Q&A With the Star Wakeboarder


Aaron Rathy has a portfolio full of accolades. He’s won a bunch of contests, been Rider of the Year, landed the trick of the year, had banger video parts and all the while maintained a status as one of the most influential and exciting riders in wakeboarding to date. Yeah, Rathy has a lot going for him, including a starring part in the new video from Wakeboarding Magazine, “Quiet, Please.”

With the movie out and near the mid-point of the contest season (which actually never really ends), we caught up with Rathy to a sense of everything that’s going on in his life and mind these days.

Your part in “Quiet, Please” turned out insane. Tell us a bit about the filming process?
The process was just fun! There were definitely days of getting nothing, weather delays, hard bails, but that’s all part of “the search” for the shot. Having a vision of my section gave me inspiration, and I’m really happy with the end result.

At this stage in your career, what element of wakeboarding gives you the most fulfillment?
Video parts, for sure. It’s nice to win a contest, but I feel like I can be a lot more creative and put more of myself into every section I film. Making a new part that is different than your last is really fun and exciting. After the release it’s always nerve-wracking as to how people are gonna take it, but to find out you’ve inspired people to get out and ride, that’s the most rewarding part.

What goes into your training regiment to keep fit in-season?
I do a bit of cardio, but mostly I just stay active. I skateboard every day and surf as much as possible, so I think that helps not only my fitness, but influences my wakeboarding as well.

How are you feeling about your 2014 contest season so far?
Last week I took 2nd at the Brostock Double Up contest, but I haven’t pushed traditional events as much this season. Since finishing “Quiet, Please” I’ve been working a lot with Chris Garrison, who is an amazing photographer, trying to get some different content.

Plans for the rest of 2014?
Just to keep trying to push my riding in new directions. I have a fresh new look at wakeboarding right now and it’s been a lot of fun feeding off that.

To learn more about Aaron Rathy, check out his Oakley bio.