Ride With Andrew Adkison

Wake Andrew Adkison main image.jpg

After winning 3rd place for the Wakeboard World Cup a day before, Andrew along with local Oakley riders went for a fun ride at southeastern coast of Singapore. Once Andrew gets on the water, his non-stop eye-popping tricks stoke all the riders onboard. Fans from another boat invited him over for a demo and all the girls onboard went hysterical every time Andrew did a trick. He got so pumped up by their support that he threw a big Heelside Mobius 540 from a double up!! All riders had a great riding session and looks forward to having Andrew back to Singapore again!

That night Singapore’s first ever Cable Ski park was filled with up to 50 riders who were there to ride with Andrew Adkison and local sponsored Oakley riders. All had fun riding and chilling out at the park. The pros were taking turns to throw sick tricks that impress the crowd. Fans for autographs and pictures as usual mobbed Andrew. Everyone is looking forward to another such event!