A Sit Down w/ The Swan


Murray: “Matty Swanson great to catch up with you today about the new Wake video. Let’s start out by telling the Oakley Family about the idea of this new Oakley video and the name?”

Swanson: “Having managed Wake at Oakley for the past five years, I really wanted the Push Process to be a detailed adventure about what it is like to be involved with an underground movement. This movie is about the process of me pushing my team to new heights by setting goals that will hopefully achieve world-moving moments within the sport of Wake."

Murray: “How long has Oakley been in the Wake industry?”

Swanson: “Oakley has had a long heritage in board sports. And over the past five years we have been slowly building a world-class Wake team; with a diverse range of riders from wake skate to wakeboard to women’s… our team has grown from a grassroots development team not a field of world-class leading athletes.”

Murray: “Swan your team of Wake athletes are deeply entrenched within the Oakley brand, could you maybe speak to that point a little further…”

Swanson: “Oakley is excited to showcase the diverse Wake team that we have assembled over the last five years. While leveraging our multi-platform product lines to help these athletes achieve their goals during the filming season… with our apparel, footwear, polarized eyewear, eyewear with electronics, watches and accessories. The market of Wake really utilizes every product category Oakley makes to it’s fullest potential. I feel Wake is a great ambassador for the Oakley brand and now this fact will be even more evident to everyone after our movie debuts in November.”

Murray: “Matty can you give some background on Oakley’s role in making top action sports films?”

Swanson: “Yeah, basically the Push Process is Oakley’s first wake movie and the fourth title in an already established and successful 1242 Productions. 1242 is Oakley’s sports video production division. It all started two years ago with a snow film called The Community Project, which was the winner for “Best Core Film” at the X Dance Film Festivals, that was followed up by a surf film – Separate Volume, and most recently a skate film – Our Life.”

Murray: “Okay, now that we have a better idea of the background, tell us more about the team you have assembled?”

Swanson: “One of the key elements to the Push Process is the fact that everybody on the team and crew has been involved with the project since day one! The riders are a part of the production team and this is an essential role they play because their involvement produces the real push for the film’s limits in what is possible.”

“The Push Process is a film that I have wanted to make for a couple years now. And finally now all of the elements are in line and ready to go. The pressure is on all of us to put out one of the best wake films of all time and I feel that the complete diversity of our team riders will show an amazing look at what it takes to make a film of this caliber.”

Murray: “Let’s get into specifics, tell us about the amazing filmmaking and production crew you have assembled… its quite impressive Swan…”

Swanson: “Working with acclaimed filmmakers Justin Stephens and Jack Blodgett on this project brings instant credibility to an already world class Wake team. These two cinematographers bring an amazing track record in producing Wake films. Justin recently won “Best Core Film” at Sundance Film Festivals, X Dance and Jack won best film as rated by Wakeboarding and Alliance Wakeboarding Magazines.”

“In addition, 1242 Productions and Push Process just recently signed Chase Heavner to work on graphics / animation for the upcoming November release. We are stoked to have Chase on board for this Wake film. His deep knowledge of the Wake industry and creativity is working well with Justin Stephens. Those two have locked themselves in the dark creative chamber and we cannot wait to see what comes out of it all.”

“Josh Letchworth is the man behind the lens again for Oakley this year. While photographing our Spring ads and posters in Australia Josh came up with the title of the film “Push Process”. And he also named the DVD booklet “Process Evident” We are already off to a strong start this year with Letchy’s Square O ads of Lyman and Hampson. Look for more images from Josh this year with Oakley and Push Process.”

Murray: “So gives us the sales pitch Swan, the inside scoop to us members of the Oakley Family…”

Swanson: “To be released in November of 2007 Push Process, shot exclusively in HD is a travelogue of our riders, based around the progression of a sport through its top athletes. The end result is to push the industry of Wake to new heights by allowing our athletes and production crew to chase down the perfect year on water. … a film that will stand the test of time… by truly pushing the limits of the riders and the filmmaking process.”

“Oh yeah, and go to www.pushprocessmovie.com for more details and personal blogs from the Oakley Team… this site will be updated regularly… leading right up until the world premier on November 10th at Oakley Headquarters.”


Matt Murray


May 24, 2007