Getting Wet In Georgia


This past week we stopped at Ambush Board Sports in Kennesaw, GA, to check out the shop, while supplying a little more info to a very educated Oakley shop. Ambush Board Sports Shop with the Rolling O Lab on-site had a great turnout; including several local Oakley sponsored wakeboarders – Rhett Whatley, Brandon Lee, and his brother Brett Lee. To top off the event the shop threw a huge BBQ that ended up feeding many of the other surrounding businesses. The Rolling O Lab crew wanted to thank Stormy and his crew for having us out, and Derek for all his help and support.

Considering that Ambush is the biggest wakeboard dealer in the world, it wouldn’t have been right not to get at least one day out on the water. So, Rhett was more then willing to take us out to his lake house, on his birthday nonetheless. The big score was Rhett letting us hit the water on his new X-Star boat. Brian, myself, the Lee brothers, local rep Sam Baker with his ladies headed out for a great day of wakeboarding on the water.

And let me just say, these three kids were definitely throwing down, for their first time behind this new boat, they all looked very comfortable. They were throwing a combination of big spins, inverts, and lofty grabs; it was a pleasure to be on the water with them.

To top that off, Mama Whatley’s cooked us an amazing meal; it was one of the better days on the tour yet. Brian and I wanted to give a big thanks to Rhett, Mama Whatley, Sam B, the Lee brothers and everyone else in Georgia for holding it down for the Oakley wakeboard scene. Oh and last but not least I wanted to thank the Miller Killers, thanks for having us out and Happy Birthday Rhett!


Adam Racioppi


April 28, 2007

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