Pro Wakeboard Champion: Harley Clifford Takes Second Tour Title After Knoxville Victory


Harley Clifford did it again.

Oakley’s young Aussie ripper narrowly edged out rival Phil Soven at the Knoxville Pro Wakeboard Tour stop to seal the deal on his second series title.

The talented rider threw down a monster run to reemphasize his position as one of the greatest riders to grace the sport to date.

“I couldn’t be more stoked to walk away with another Pro Tour championship today,” Harley said, rocking his Oakley sun eyewear and apparel/gear. “The 2012 season has been one of the most competitive ever with so many talented riders on tour. Phil put the pressure on me all season long and I’m just happy to claim the crown.”
First taking the title as a rookie young gun in 2009, his second came at a moment when there was so much more at stake.

If Soven managed to take the Knoxville stop, the King of Wake title would be his.

But like the true charger he is, Harley seized the day with a 92.5 run – topping Phil’s 89 points.

The tough conditions on the water didn’t make it any easier, however.

“It’s so rough out there,” he continued. “Everyone went out there and unfortunately there were a couple of falls. I just knew I had to go out there and not fall during my run. I took it a little bit easy. I didn’t do all the hard tricks that I normally do but I stuck a couple of hard ones in there and ended up with the win.”

With that, Oakley’s phenom will look to seal the deal on the King of Wake Title in the coming weeks.