Amber Wing: A Name You Should Know

Amber Wing

Ask any action sport lover, “Who was the first snowboarder to score a perfect 100 in X-Games history?”

“Shaun White,” they’d answer quickly and emphatically.

“Who was the first person to ever land a double backflip on a motorcycle?”

Travis Pastrana.

Now, you ask anyone, “Who was the first woman to land a 720 and a 900 in wakeboarding history?"

The answer should be “Amber Wing,” just as quickly as the first two were answered. However, the sport and Amber aren’t getting the credit that they deserve.

If you don’t know who Amber Wing is yet, you should. Her innovative and trailblazing nature in the sport of women’s wakeboarding is monumental and people are starting to recognize that she’s kind of a big deal. To find out more about Amber and her insane wakeboarding skills, check out this video and story from ESPN W.


John Ohail


April 30, 2012