Cruise Control: Women’s Wake Star Amber Wing Rolls Through Colorado Pro Tour Stop


Amber Wing is kickin’ arse and takin’ names.

Oakley Women’s Wake Star continued her rampage through the Tour on her quest for another Queen of Wake Title, plowing through a talented field at PWT Stop Number Three in Colorado Spring, Colorado.

As the raging winds died down and sunlight broke through, fans flocked to the shoreline to watch Amber and fellow Oakley riders throw down through multiple divisions.

Denver Native Emily Copeland Durham was clearly the fan favorite – putting on a show for the raucous home crowd. But despite sticking an impressive Off-Axis 540, Roll to Blind and a Tootsie Roll in her final run, it wasn’t enough to top Amber, whose victory put her ever further ahead of the pack in the Queen of Wake Standings.

Oakley’s overall presence was killer as always, with a tent setup for riders to chill, meet fans and enjoy the Rocky Mountain scenery.

Congratulations to Amber, Oakley Wake Star Harley Clifford (second place in the Pro Men’s Division) and all Oakley Riders who threw down in Colorado!

Pro Women
Final Round – Heat #1
1 Amber Wing AUS 81.67
2 Emily Durham USA 75.00
3 Melissa Marquardt USA 71.67
4 Tarah Mikacich USA 61.67
5 Raimi Merritt USA 51.67
6 Nicola Butler GBR 43.33

Pro Men
Final Round – Heat #1
1 Phillip Soven USA 90.00
2 Harley Clifford AUS 85.00 (OAKLEY)
3 Bob Soven USA 75.00

Jr. Pro Men
Final Round – Heat #1
1 Daniel Powers USA 97.00
2 Shota Tezuka JPN 89.25 (OAKLEY)
3 Kyle Evans USA 79.25
4 Freddie Wayne USA 74.50