Oakley Dominates At Triple Crown In Texas


Oakley’s Andy Kolb of Germany won the wakeskate division of the Monster Energy WWA Wake Park Triple Crown held in Texas last weekend. Oakley’s Maxine Sapulette dominated the whole weekend and took the women’s pro title. Oakley’s Freddy Von Osten and Dominik Guhrs finished second and third, respectively, in men’s pro.

This year the riders in attendance represented countries from around the world, including Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Australia, Israel, and Hungary, as well as riders from across the USA.

Each rider performed two runs, plus a Monster Energy bonus trick. The catch was each run was only one pass. And if you fell, it was over.

In wakeskate, Kolb of Germany laid down solid lines in the flats including a 3 shuv, big spin, backside big spin, and body varial revert, flats backside 3, as well as a 270 shuv on the table, 360 off the kicker to take home first. Kolb said, “I think the wakeboarding was especially intense. I love Texas, the hotness, the people, the cable, just everything.”

In pro women’s, Maxine Sapulette of the Netherlands impressed all weekend with solid air tricks such as an s to blind and roll to blind to take home the win.

In pro men’s, 17-year-old Von Osten and Guhrs pulled off some heavy tricks in the finals. Von Osten displayed a 315, while Guhrs had a back mobe five. Tom Fooshee won.

The next event will be the WWA Triple Crown Series in Kansas City, MO at Kansas City Watersport, July 31st to August 1st, 2010.


Erin Edwards


June 15, 2010

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