Oakley's Wake Team Travels To The Phillippines

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This past season the diverse Oakley wake team was in full effect. Featuring stand out video sections, award winning photos, Pro Tour victories, King of Wake titles, and numerous awards at the Wakeboarding Mag Awards.

To keep things going, throughout the month of December some of Oakley’s top athletes journeyed to the warmer climates of the globe to compete and freeride in the remaining few weeks of the 2009 season.
Amber Wing relocated to her Australian home to stay on track of her endless summer living the ultimate wakeboard experience. While Aaron Rathy and Keith Lyman spent some time in Dubai taking top podium spots at the first annual Oakley Riot Double Up contest.

The next adventure took place in the Philippines at the beautiful city of Naga. Naga is the home of Camsur Watersports Complex and CWC is without a doubt the worlds best wakeboarding facility to date. With some of the best innovative rails, Sesitec cable park, winch park, and
boat lake.

The riders on the trip were Aaron Rathy and one of Oakley’s newer addition to the global team, Nick Davies. The two rider’s spent ten days, from sunrise to sundown wakeboarding non stop. The great
advantage to riding at CWC is that there are so many different options to choose from. With that in mind there was never a dull moment during the trip.

California based photographer, Spenser Smith and Canadian Pro Wakeboarder Kyle Rattray joined the crew to capture video and photo’s for the upcoming magazines. With plenty of time spent to session the
cable we were also very fortunate to have the use of CWC’s Helicopter for shooting on four of the days we were visiting.

Not only was everyone allowed access to the full use of the facility but we were also able to venture off and check out the local tourist hotspots. The Philippines are made up over 7000 islands. We journeyed
off on a two day getaway to capture some lifestyle photos, as well as visiting some exotic waterfalls, caves, and beaches.

It was a long journey to the Philippines, with nearly fifty hours of travel time from Orlando Florida to our destination. It was well worth it and wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of everyone
at Camsur Water Sports and Republik. The Oakley team is looking forward to visiting CWC again in the near future. We highly recommend you do the same, for more information on CWC, check www.camserwatersportscomplex.com

For a full two part story with a gallery and videos, please visit www.wakeworld.com

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