"Double Up" Wake Action


Following the wake of the WWA Nationals local Oakley dealer, [BS] The Board Shop, hosted a first ever: a night-time wake contest! Co-owners Jayson Rishling and Keni Koreba put on an incredible event. 20 pros competed using the ‘Double Up’ tow pattern. For those new to wakeboarding, a ‘Double Up’ is when the driver of a kickass Mastercraft boat makes a wide turn, and then circles back around into the boats wake at a 90 degree angle. When the old wake meets the new wake, it becomes twice as large. If the rider times it correctly, and hits the sweet spot, the result is mucho ‘air-o.’

Pre and post activities all took place at Skinny’s Bar and Restaurant. With the Oakley/Mastercraft boat stocked with Shockers and the new 06’ Mastercrafts on site; Skinny’s was looking taunt! Many thanks to our crew: Mark Masanovich, Kim Noble, Spencer Walling, and Scott Wood. Oakley wakeboard athlete Keith Lyman held a signing, and was mobbed by wake-shorties. Spencer stoked the kids and added to the mayhem. Spencer’s comps for Oakley goods had kids puking raw onions at random. They couldn’t get enough and stripped all the logos off our trash can stocked with Bull.

Red Bull always gives these event wings. Huge props to them. As the sun set on Skinny’s and Geneva Bay, two enormous Musco stadium-lighting semi-trucks fired up and their high-powered floodlights lit up Big Foot Beach. Thousands of people lined the shore. Red Bull had the full wet bar set-up. Their Pinzgauer truck was backed into the lake. A slider bar was mounted to the top, and served as the drop-in for the start of riders runs. With an 06’ X-Star in position, the rider could signal the driver, drop-in, and be towed off. One pass out, the turn, then the boosting double hit! Runs culminated with a return to the starting zone and thousands of screaming fans.