Amber Wing First Woman To Land Heelside 720


Pretty ordinary day in life of Amber Wing. I headed down to the wakeboard camp, and had not arranged to ride today. I pull up and Ben Greenwood walks over and informs me that Jon from The Wake Place is here and wants to film some ladies riding in particular. Ben also mentioned that he has already told Jon that I will land a toe 7 for him. No Pressure!

Stoked that I get to ride behind Ben’s 24 Supra Boat, which was loaded and putting out an amazing wake. I got my gear and headed out in the boat. After a quick couple of warm ups I got the toe 720 out of the way at the start of the set.

While filming Push Process in 2007 I had a couple of concussions from falls on heel 7’s. So I laid off them for a while. This past week I started trying them again. Having tried maybe 4 over a whole week. Today they felt good and the first one I tried was super close.

3 attempts later I nailed it!

I was a little shocked, thinking did that really just happen. It did.


Amber Wing


July 01, 2009