Wake Team Sunrise & Sunset Photo Shoots

Oakley Pro Wake Team 2009

Oakley’s wakeboard team stayed for another day in Fort Worth, Texas to free ride and have a photo shoot on the lake at Texas MasterCraft. After dominating the podium on Sunday in the men and women’s finals. It was time for a relaxed day on the water. We had a sunrise and sunset shoot arranged for the schedule today.

Starting off the morning with a 5:30 A.M wake up call, you can imagine that not everyone was racing to get back out to the lake. After a full weekend of competing the riders were tired, but they are always stoked to be working with Oakley and rose to the occasion. We were on the water by 6:30 and Amber Wing was the first to get the glassy morning water. She didn’t hesitate and started boosting big airs into the flats well beyond the wake. Wing is a so dialed when it comes to photo shoots, working with the cameramen to dial in the best angles for each trick.

Next off the dock was Aaron Rathy, and he was out on the water with a fun first attitude. He has been filming all winter for the HD production Global Warning, and training everyday 3 to 4 sets a day to get ready for pro tour. Well it paid off and now he has a chance to ride with teammates and just chill on the water. He kept it clean and knocked out some big stylish grabs and went technical with some sick inverted spins.

Keith Lyman was next in the water and he started off by going massive into the flats! Lyman is not scared to run the longest rope, the biggest wake, and what some like to call the most stylish riding in the world.

Finally Nicola Butler was up and on the water, she also has been training hard all winter and got the big pay out with a win at Masters last week and the first pro tours win here in Texas. Her style is like no other and she showed that diversity out on the water. Mixing her contest technical spins with some huge stylish grabs for the camera. Butler is only 17-years old and getting better every day she rides.

After a quick set for each rider we were back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation before the night session. And the evening was cooler than expected with some light wind and cloud cover. So it didn’t help much for photos and videos, but the team rallied again to make it happen. After filling up the fat sacks and ballast on a loaner boat from Texas MasterCraft, we were ready to roll again.

Our set up for this shoot was different from the morning. Video was being shot from the shore and photos from the fun box in the middle of the lake. So the riders had to work specifically on tricks in that vicinity for the photographer. With the challenging light conditions the riders still stepped up and made it work. Nicola had an outstanding set and didn’t fall for over 4 passes. Lyman set the stage for huge airs and sick switch 540’s into the far out flats. Rathy dropped in and got one of the best photos of the day with a tweaked out stale grab. And Amber closed the shoot with a sequence of her new trick Indy grab to late 180.

With a closing dinner and hugs and hi fives until next time. The Oakley team is way closer than ever before and these riders are proud to be a part of the most diverse group of riders assembled in this industry. Special thanks to Jimmy and Brian at Texas MasterCraft, Eric the local Oakley rep, Adam and crew from the Rolling O Lab, and everyone else who helped make this the most successful weekend for Oakley wake.