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Harley Clifford


Though just 19, Australian Harley Clifford is King … of wakeboarding. Two years running, in fact. In just a few short years, Harley has gone from amateur ripper to wakeboard superstar. He’s won everything there is to win; he’s nailed every trick that’s out there to nail – now it’s about challenging himself. What’s next? What’s possible? That boundary is constantly changing. One of his main goals? Growing the love for his sport. “I definitely feel that to make this sport blow up, we need one person to break out and be famous like Ryan Sheckler or Shaun White,” Harley said. “I’m trying to be that person.” ...

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  • Oakley's Wake Team Travels To The Phillippines

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    Posted over 4 years ago by

    This past season the diverse Oakley wake team was in full effect. Featuring stand out video sections, award winning photos, Pro Tour victories, King of Wake titles, and numerous awards at the Wakeboarding Mag Awards. To keep things going, throughout the month of December some of Oakley’s top athletes journeyed to the warmer climates of the globe to compete and freeride in the remaining few weeks of the 2009 season. Amber Wing relocated to her Australian home to stay on track of her endless summer living the ultimate wakeboard experience. While Aaron Rathy and Keith Lyman spent some time in Dubai taking top podium spots at the first annual Oakley Riot Double Up contest.

  • Oakley's Amber Wing and Nicola Butler Participate in Photo Shoot


    Posted over 4 years ago by

    The Oakley Women’s wake team recently teamed up with photographer Aaron Katen and the crew for a photo shoot of the new 2010 Oakley Women’s line. The photo shoot took place in Clermont, Florida with Oakley rider’s Amber Wing and Nicola Butler. The athletes spent two full days riding at the Wakeboard camp and capturing lifestyle photo’s in beautiful downtown Clermont.

  • Rathy wins Oakley Riot in Dubai


    Posted over 4 years ago by Jack Blodgett

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