Keith has a style all his own. Riding a 90 foot rope and charging air into the way out flats is routine. No contest has yet to fit into his mold. So Lyman free rides perfecting his craft. To be inspired by those before him. And take his riding to heights never seen before. Example in case is the wake to rail gap feature that ends the Video of The Year, Push Process. Never been done, and never been done since. A true Oakley Ambassador.

Q & A

  1. Oakley's latest release from 1242 Productions. Push Process. In Stores Now

    Poster Frame

    Push Process Wake Teaser

    • May 11, 2008
    • 3:502d

  2. Who or what inspires your riding?

    Randy Harris, Ben greenwood, Shaun Murray, and a few other wakeboarders. Other things that inspire me to ride the way I do is the constant search for an adrenaline rush (I think maybe im addicted to adrenaline....... it makes me happy.) my good friend Justin Stephens and Maurice Matsumori along with a few other close friends always give me fuel for my fire.

  3. What is your favorite place that wakeboarding has taken you?

    Its taken me to a lot of great places, but my number one pick would have to be the Florida Keys. I know that’s kind of boring but its my favorite.

  4. Outside of wakeboarding what are your other influences?

    Music, guns, military stuff, working out, surfing, snowboarding, money, video games

  5. What really scares you?

    Not being successful, or being forced to quit due to severe injury. Love and fear.

  6. Best part of riding for Oakley?

    They have been with me through everything. They at one point were my only paying sponsor and believed in me when nobody else did. Plus they are huge supporters of the military, and I like that.

  7. If you could go to any concert that would you see, past or present?

    Social Distortion

  8. Filming Can Be

    A career builder and stressful... to make sure you learn new tricks and try to make your section somehow different to last year's version.

  9. Stay in or go out?

    Go out during the day and stay in during the night.

  10. Who is your hero?

    Randy Harris, because he came from corruption to the light, as well as being unappreciated and black balled, back in the day, to becoming one of the most respected and appreciated riders when he came back after quitting for 2+ years. He is the baddest rider on planet earth. He is wakeboarding.

  11. If you could only ride in one place for the rest of your life where would it be?

    The Butler Chain of lakes in Windermere, Florida.

  12. Photo or Film

    Both, because if it wasn't for both then I would have to be better at contests and for some reason God hates it when I ride in contests and makes the water really, really choppy and makes me fall just about every time.

  13. What’s your favorite TV show?

    Usually anything on the military channel, or the that bad?

  14. Favorite thing to ride behind?

    I don’t have a boat sponsor but my favorite boats to ride behind would be a Malibu 23lsv (I own one) or an MsterCraft X-Star both completely loaded with weight.

  15. Most important thing in life is...

    To stay positive and happy.

  16. Are you afraid of Matty Swanson?

    Not afraid, but he is well respected for his position and his power. Sort of like a gun.

  17. You Feel Pain

    Yes. Almost everyday. It's awesome!

Keith Lyman


Inspiration comes from so many different things. Good water conditions, a sunset session, to how big the wake is. It’s random and always different. I am continually seeking new and different ways to become inspired. Sometimes it comes so easily and other times it’s a struggle.

Date of Birth:
August 16, 1983
Southbridge, MA
Liquid Force, Pro-Tec Helmets and Xcel Wetsuits
Video Games, shooting my guns and Paintball

Career Highlights

    • Video Section of The Year: Push Process 2008
    • Cover of Alliance Wakeboarding Magazine 2006
    • Black Top Oasis Winner 2006
    • Cover of Alliance Wakeboarding Magazine 2006
    • Cover of Wakeboarding Magazine July 2002
    • Junior Men's World Champion 2001