Oakley's George Daniels Dominates at the Trinity River Round Up


Oakley team rider George Daniels took home a victory this past weekend at Fort Worth’s Trinity Park in Texas. The event was built around a dam leading into the rapids with a kicker, incline, flat box and wall ride added for good measure. The format was set up for best trick on each obstacle, with the winner of each taking home a thousand dollars. Daniel’s flawless, first try frontside flip into the rapids took home the cash for him. He also impressed with his boardslide shuv frontside flip down the spillway.

The riders were divided into two heats and each rider got two sets. The first session was a warm up for everyone and when the second sets started, the hammers really began to drop.

Here are a few of the highlights.
Andrew Pastura: 270 shuv to front board on the box 270 shuv front board shuv out on the box Switch front big 3 down the spillway
Travis Doran: Blunt shuv on the box
Grant Roberts: Back Big over the rock gap
Dieter Humpsh: Back 180 off the Kicker Back 360 off the Kicker Switch ts 540 off the kicker
James Balzer: Boardslide front big out on the wall ride
Aaron Reed: Front 3 on the kicker
Steve Campbell: switch boardslide 270 on the incline Shuv boardslide on the incline
Clint Tompkins: 270 shuv front board on the wall ride



September 30, 2009

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