Wakeskate Team Winter Update


The Oakley wakeskate team update. While most people are winterizing the boat and thinking about the holidays. These guys are riding every day and having fun on the water.

Team Rider- George Daniels
Hometown- Orlando, Florida
Current Location- Orlando, Florida

“yo! what up, over the past couple months I have been doing physical therapy. I recently had acl surgery in September. so therefore I have just been focusing hard on getting back into shape. I’ll cruise around on my skate for a little bit around the lake with Byerly and BT. Lately I have also been doing quite a bit of hunting, trying to kill a deer. Then I will usually finish off the weekend with a bon fire with some friends and trying to get our trucks stuck in the mud. Basically just doing a bunch of redneck fun. That’s about it for me, so happy thanksgiving and ill see out on the lake. peace out…GD”

Team Rider- Nick Taylor
Hometown- Anna Maria Island, Florida
Current Location- Anna Maria Island, Florida

“For the past few months I’ve been out on Anna Maria Island enjoying the last bit of summer. Wakeskating, fishing, diving, and shooting photos mostly, getting as much time on the water as I can before it gets cold. The weather has been beautiful and the water is clear. As much as I like being able to throw on a pair of shorts and go wakeskate, there is something fun about having to suit up with a wetsuit and brave the cold to get a session, it always feels like more of a mission…”

“A few friends of mine got an old sailboat and we spent the better part of the last 3 weeks fixing it up and living on it, she’s almost ready to sail again. Once we figure out how to drive a boat (sorry, “ship”) using the wind for fuel, it’s pretty much on from there. We might just put ourselves in the middle of the Gulf and force ourselves to learn, but I think picking up a book at the library or looking it up on Google might be a little less extreme…"

“For the last week, I’ve been on the road doing a lap around South Florida. First stop was Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach for a demo/contest, a really fun event with a huge turnout. I stayed around there for a few days wakeskating with some new people in some new places, always a good time. Last Tuesday I got to go see Conor Oberst live in Ft. Lauderdale, he’s been one of my favorite musicians for the last few years and I was really stoked to go.”

“I finally got home late last night and got a good night’s sleep. We’ll see what happens from here…”