• Oakley Wake Wraps Up a Successful 2012 Season; Stunning Video Edit

    Aaron Rathy

    Posted over 1 year ago by Jack Blodgett

    Our Wake team had yet another epic season in 2012. There were numerous contest victories, dozens of magazine covers, nationally televised TV features, Readers Poll Awards and award-winning new tricks landed throughout the year.

  • Oakley Wake Ends the Season Salty


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Danny Hampson

    I read a quote the other day that some obviously deep and poetic girl had found on the Internet and put on Instagram that read, “The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears, or the ocean.” Of course I immediately double tapped my phone sending a like and sat back to consider the meaning of this prophetic post. While I can’t vouch for the first two salty things helping with anything, I can say that the ocean does have some type of calming effect.

  • Oakley Wake On NBC June 13th 5 P.M. EST / 2 P.M. PST

    Picture 4

    Posted about 4 years ago by Matty Swanson

    Watch NBC’s World of Adventure Sports this Sunday, June 13th at 5 P.M. EST & 2 P.M. PST. This episode checks in on Oakley’s latest action sports film, Push Process, which showcases the progression of wakeboarding and wakeskating through a travelogue of the world’s best riders. Join these athletes as they chase down perfect water in the world’s most exotic locations.

George Daniels


Have fun, be kind and enjoy every day God gives you.

Date of Birth:
November 8, 1986
Orlando, Florida
Rockstar, Byerly Boards, Custom
Surfing, Fishing, mudding, and Skateboarding

Career Highlights

    • 2009: Cover of Alliance Wakeboarding Mag
    • 2009: 4th, Byerly Toe Jam
    • 2008: Nominated for Wakeskate Video Part of the Year
    • 2008: First Rider to Land a Wake to Wake Frontside Fip
    • 2006: 2nd, Pro Wakeboard Tour
    • 2005: 2nd, Toe Jam Boat
    • 2005: 2nd, Pro Wakeboard Tour
    • 2005: Cover of Alliance Magazine
    • 2005: 2nd, Pro Wakeboard Tour
    • 2005: Wakeboarding Magazine "Best Wakeskater of the year"
    • 2005: 2nd, Nationals
    • 2005: 2nd, Pan Am
    • 2005: 3rd, Wakestock
    • 2004: Pro Wakeboard Tour World Champion