George Daniels is a modern day cowboy through and through. He listens to Hank Williams jr. constantly, isn’t afraid to put a little mud on the tires, and is known for letting out more then just a few yee-ahs. From his entrance into the wakeskating world at the first ever Toe Jam in 2004 George has been carving a place out for himself among the wakeskating greats. From contest victories to being crowned Wakeskater of the Year in 2005 George has done it all, and had more fun doing it then anyone.

Coming back from a knee injury last year he proved that he’s still got it with one of the most technical and stylish video parts ever in Oakley’s film Push Process. George never stops evolving his riding and putting out amazing coverage of never before done moves in a way that only GD can. His riding has inspired the new generation of riders pushing the sport and is respected by everyone. With the strong backing of the Godfather himself, Scott Byerly, you can be sure this cowboy won’t be riding off into the sunset anytime soon. Keep your guns blazing George.

George Daniels


Have fun, be kind and enjoy every day God gives you.

Date of Birth:
November 8, 1986
Orlando, Florida
Rockstar, Byerly Boards, Custom
Surfing, Fishing, mudding, and Skateboarding

Career Highlights

    • 2009: Cover of Alliance Wakeboarding Mag
    • 2009: 4th, Byerly Toe Jam
    • 2008: Nominated for Wakeskate Video Part of the Year
    • 2008: First Rider to Land a Wake to Wake Frontside Fip
    • 2006: 2nd, Pro Wakeboard Tour
    • 2005: 2nd, Toe Jam Boat
    • 2005: 2nd, Pro Wakeboard Tour
    • 2005: Cover of Alliance Magazine
    • 2005: 2nd, Pro Wakeboard Tour
    • 2005: Wakeboarding Magazine "Best Wakeskater of the year"
    • 2005: 2nd, Nationals
    • 2005: 2nd, Pan Am
    • 2005: 3rd, Wakestock
    • 2004: Pro Wakeboard Tour World Champion