Oakley Kicks off Square O Sessions at McCormick's Cable Park


Oakley Wake Team Ride Day at McCormick’s Cable Park

Sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons. This old adage
proved especially true for the Oakley team on November 12th when they
awoke for their day of riding and hanging out with fans at McCormicks
Cable Park to the coldest and dreariest day so far this season. After
a few grunts everyone rallied to the park and got their ride on like
only the Oakley crew can. From the team setting the water on fire so
frequently the atmosphere heated up and the clouds broke turning the
day into blue skies. A solid crowd came out to kick it with the team
and good times were had by all.

The group of riders included, Aaron Rathy, George Daniels, Keith Lyman, Nick Taylor
and myself. The local McCormicks crew was psyched to see Rathy and
Lyman boosting off the kickers and rails and the technical prowess of
George and Nick’s wakeskating magic. At the end of the afternoon a
little best trick contest was had for the cable riders to see who
would walk away with some of Oakley’s new 2010 shades. When all was
said and done six pairs of shades were given away for everything from
best air trick to worst crash. Following the contest a signing went
down where the Oakley team signed whatever was put in front of them as
well as some new horizontal square O posters. When all was said and
done everyone came away with smiles and the satisfaction of a great
day on the water. This is just another example of how rain or shine
the Oakley wake team is ready to do business and stoke out the people
who support them.

Big thanks to everyone who works at McCormicks and the Oakley rep
Chris Hughes for making it all happen.

Norbi Vasko was on hand at the event and put together a highlight video from the event. Check it out here

Oakley at Mccormicks 2009 from Norbi Vasko on Vimeo.