Oakley Ride Day in Tampa


Ride With Oakley’s Wake Team at McCormick’s November 12th

Oakley team riders will be at McCormick’s Cable Park this Thursday, November 12th from 12-4 P.M. The park is located just outside of Tampa Florida. This is a public invitation to ride with and meet the team. That’s right this is your chance to come shred with one of the hottest teams in the industry!

Team riders Aaron Rathy, Keith lyman, George Daniels, Danny Hampson, Nick Taylor, Oliver Derome and Nicola Butler will be on-site. The schedule includes a autograph signing at 3:00 P.M. Plus raffles and giveaways of Oakley eyewear and apparel. Grab your boards, skates, and friends, you wont want to miss this one.


Jack Blodgett


November 10, 2009