Catching up with Danny Hampson


What is currently going on in the world of danny hampson?

The world of Hampson is a little bleak these days honestly, just working hard on my rehab and the rest of my physique and getting Obscura up and running. It’s weird not riding I feel like I have joined the workforce on something. The weekends have been fun though.

How did you get involved with wakeskating?

I got involved in wakeskating from learning how to wakeboard and the taking the boots off and freeing my mind!! That was a long time ago now like eleven years or something. Show me the time machine please.

How did you get involved with Oakley?

Luckily I asked for a pair of Oakleys from my shop sponsor Amush Boarding Company and they gave my info to a rep who gave it to Matty Swanson and since then I have been under the Swan’s wing and couldn’t be happier. Oakley has allowed me to keep my carrear going and live the dream since day one.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

To come back and really try to shake some things up. I really want to put out a hammer part in the Obscura Video were making that should drop early spring and then travel as much as I can promoting that project and hitting up events. I have some lofty goals but we will have to see how my body holds up. I really am ready to try my hardest.

If you were to describe your 2009 season in one word what would it be?

Highs and lows. It started out great and I felt like I was riding better then ever and then I fell under that one rail and things kind of halted. Still good times though. Got to hang with the family a bunch and this injury has given me a new opportunities to try and get in better shape and really start approaching riding in a new way.

Tell us about your recent injury, how is recovery going?

I tore my ACL completely and had to get my entire Meniscous scoped. In hindsight I wish they would have repaired the meniscus but it will be alright. Recovery is going great in the gym five days a week and really trying to get in good shape. Not really any words I have ever expected to say, Gym and Fitness. But once you start beefing you don’t want to stop man.

Whats the latest and greatest on Obscura, give us the rundown on your project.

Obscura is going great. It is finally starting to really materialize into something we are running and in charge of and I couldn’t be happier. Liquid Force has been amazing to us through the whole process and is really giving us what we need 100 percent. I think in the next year you will really see us emerge as a brand that people are going to be pumped on from all aspects from products to style and feel. The team has expended and the new kids are going to push everything really far. When the video drops I think people will be shocked. It’s definitely some work but it is a dream come true for Aaron and myself.

Who do you usually ride with when you arent competing?

Whoever I can get a pull from really. I have my tight crew and I used to have a wave runner out at Josh Letchworth so I was riding out there a bunch with however was down to go out. When were filming it’s usually just the Obscura team and maybe a few other friends.

Originally you started up riding with the cassette team back in the day. Do you still ride and kick it with them?

Yeah well Aaron and I have never stopped riding together and kind of being partners with all aspects of the industry so that is an unshakable bond that now with Obscura will hopefully keep going strong for years to come. Jim Leatherman works at DVS and we still get to talk and collaborate with him on projects so that’s awesome and Thomas will always be one of my best friends. We don’t all get together any more as much as we would like but were all still tight.

How much time do you spend in the keys? Do you prefer to ride there or in orlando?

I am always down there. I just miss my family a lot and the whole vibe down there. I really love riding in the keys and want to spend a lot of time down there this winter as soon as my leg gets better. It’s just nice being with the family and there are less distractions then in Orlando. Plus I like the way footage and stuff looks down their because it’s different. As much as I love the O, I feel like everything has been done a few times.

What is your favorite place wakeskating has taken you?

Any place with the Push Process was unbelievable. Brazil, South Africa, Austalia all unreel places. Aside from that probably New Zeland because that was great and really any place you travel is wonderful because it’s a new experience your lucky enough to be a part of. I am thankful anyone sends me any place.

What is a typical day like for you?

Nowdays if it’s a weekday I wake up and go to the gym and then go about whatever I have going on for the rest of the day. I am going to school right now in my downtime so that’s pretty time consuming. Aside from that just kick it and do whatever the day demands. Try to get a good bike ride in a few times a week and that’s about it. On the weekends I go out of town a bunch and relax.

Offseason plans? You going snowboarding or a vacation to work on your bronze?

Man I want to go snowboarding but I don’t think the knee will be able to take it. I am having my offseason right now so as soon as I am well enough the fullsuit is coming on and I am going to be riding no matter how cold. And you know I live to bronze, that is more like a full time job than vacation.

there is alot of different aspect involved in wakeskating. which is your favorite, boat, cable, winch?

Latley it has been the winch, just because it opens so many doors. But I really love it all. As long as the handles in your hands.

Do you skateboard? Does that influence your wakeskating. Does the new wii wakeboarding game inspire your riding?

I love to skateboard and am freaking out missing it right now. It is the total inspiration for my riding. I have no idea about that wii wakeboarding. That sounds pretty good though.

What musician would you compare your celebrity status too?
Probably Freddie Prince Jr.

who are your current sponsors?

Obscura Wakeskates, Straightline ropes and handles, DVS shoes, Ruckus Boardshop and of course OAKLEY eyewear and apparel for life. Thanks for everything guys


Jack Blodgett


November 10, 2009