Liquid Force Private Screening at Oakley


A private screening was held at the Oakley Factory for Liquid Force’s latest Release, “The Truth.” Justin Stevens, the award winning filmmaker who has spent the last few years working with Liquid Force Films, and has really stepped it up for a truly sick film. The movie showcases some of the best filming and editing seen to date in the wakeboarding industry.

Justin Stevens used some very unique boom camera angles and slow motion effects that made even a simple grab, look like the move of the year. “The Truth” is going to be a major contender for "Best Video" in 2007 without a doubt.

Around 250 people attended from the So Cal area, including many heavy hitters from the industry were on hand to check out the video. Athletes Keith Lyman, Shane Bonifay, and Kevin Henshaw made the trip down from Orlando to check out this premier.

2006 was Keith Lyman’s first year riding for Liquid Force and he really stepped it up by bringing another solid video part, to an already insane collection of work. Henshaw and Shane killed it on the rails in their parts, something you must witness firsthand. Also, Oakley Team Rider, Amber Wing had her first feature video section, showing off her style with frontside 720’s. Other highlights from the video were Aaron Reed and Danny Hampson parts with both of them going huge and technical on their skates.

Overall, it was a great night for everybody. Justin and the crew at Liquid Force have really put a lot of time and effort into their team and video. A very special thanks goes out to Alliance, Monster and Oakley for helping making this unique screening experience possible.

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