Ride Day at McCormicks Cable Park


In early October team Oakley got the invitation to have a day of riding at McCormicks Cable Park in Tampa, Florida.

The Wake Park had been opened recently and is unique in the fact that it is the only merry go round in the US that spins clockwise instead of the other way. This is a pretty big deal if you are a regular rider because it allows you to take the corners on your heels and really blast some air. It was a great day and all the athletes that were in town made an appearance and gave the cable a ride. Oakley superstars George Daniels, Nick Taylor, Andrew Adkison, and Jack Blodgett were all in attendance and stoking out the fellow wakers on the cable.

Big thanks to Florida’s Oakley Sales Rep Chris Hughes, the whole crew at McCormick and to photographer Ian Reid for capturing our souls in these photos.

Written by Oakley WakeSkate Team Captain and RIder, Danny Hampson