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The Uniquely Oakley Tour kicked off at the Texas Ski Ranch outside of Austin, for the only Maven Session in Texas. Oakley’s Amber Wing was on-site for the two-day camp May 7th and 8th, followed by an Oakley women’s party on Friday, May 10th.

Austin has a strong wakeboarding contingent and a young consumer base always looking for new and unusual experiences, which makes it the prefect location to bring Oakley’s traveling R&D unit, the Rolling O Lab, which will be in downtown Austin for the popular Longhorn Rail Jam on Saturday, May 10th. The 2 day event brought participants as young as nine years old.

“I was so stoked that every session in Austin at TSR we had a someone who had never tried Wakeboarding,” said Oakley’s Amber Wing. “They all came away from the session being able to stand on a wakeboard! That is a great achievement.”

Also, the two little rippers, nine-year-old Anna and ten-year-old Larisa both had an awesome time and are great little riders. I was very impressed."

The Rolling O Lab showed participants and spectators Oakley’s HDO and newest eyewear. The tour stop was followed by a cocktail party in honor of the Oakley Woman at Betsy’s Hi Lo, where guests previewed eyewear, apparel, accessories and footwear and mingling with Amber Wing.

Register for all camps at: girlslearntoride.com

Uniquely Oakley Tour:

  • June 6-7, Surf, San Diego, CA

Sign up to win a spot with coach Sage Erickson: www.sunglasshut.com

  • June 27, Wake, Lake Elsinore, CA
  • July 20-21, Wake, Sacramento, CA
  • September 13, MTB, Boulder, CO
  • October 18, MTB, Las Vegas, NV
  • October 25, MTB, Phoenix, AZ


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June 02, 2008

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