Ash River Wake Trip


Amber Wing grew up riding with the boys in Australia. Things haven’t really changed—Amber is still living an endless summer chasing perfect water, but now she gets to do it all over the world and compete with the best.

Last month the 2007 Australian Pro Tour Champion met up with her Oakley teammates in Minnesota to shoot a segment for the upcoming Wake film, Push Process. She shot some behind the scenes photos and answered a couple questions for us…

What has your travel schedule been like?

I have been in the states since March, living in Florida and training. I’ve been doing Liquid Force Maven clinics around the states and competing. I’ll be here for the rest of the summer.

What did you think of Minnesota?

I had never been to the mid west. It was very pretty where we were, right up on the boarder of Canada. The air was chilly. We were in a beautiful little town on the ash river. The sunsets were magical.

How was the wakeboarding?

Once we sorted out the spots, we got some awesome riding in and quality conditions. We got some great footage with one of a kind backdrops and sunsets

What was the vibe of the trip?

The energy was high when we arrived. The cold snap and wind mellowed it out a little but late afternoon sessions definitely lifted the vibe.

For those of use who have never been on a wake trip, what’s it like? What is the schedule every day?

Very early mornings and late nights. We ride when the sun comes out, chill a little in the day or scope out new spots, then ride till the sun goes down. Once we are in from riding, we check the footage and make some dinner. By that time it’s around 11 and time for bed because the wake up call is going be 6am at the latest.

What is it like being the only girl?

It’s a little different because I’m so used to it. They are all my mates and I forget that I’m the only girl most of the time. I just feel like one of the boys and that’s’ how I’m treated. I like it that way.

What is the Oakley team like to travel with?

Fun! I really enjoy hanging out with the team. We all don’t get to see each other much with our busy schedules, so it is awesome to just chill and enjoy each other’s company.