Amber Wing


Riders arrive into Brisbane with the wind howling, and the officials telling the riders the river never white caps this badly, but the wind will drop for the weekend.

Conditions for the weekend were far from ideal. A fast current whipping through the course and the wind at times blowing the opposite direction to the current, separated the women from the girls and the men from the boys.

Stand out rider on Saturday Caity Blauuw, blew the other girls out of the water landing a bag of tricks in the treacherous conditions.

Line up for the finals went like this; Andrea Fountain (NZL), Yvette Walker (AUS), Caity Blauuw (AUS), Sunni Anne Ball (CAN), Hayley Smith (AUS), Amber Wing (AUS).

With 7 points between Hayley and Amber the Tour title was on the line and the girls had to throw down in conditions they would normally take a rain check

Andrea Fountain first off the dock battled the elements landing a few solid tricks and setting the bar for the girls, conditions got the better for Yvette Walker. The next victim Caity Blauuw showed she was not intimidated by the conditions, throwing down a solid pass of 3 inverts and a spin. Sunni battling the conditions could not match it. Caity’s run put the pressure on Hayley.

Hayley went out and absolutely killed it, going big and throwing down her raley and solid inverts in the crazy conditions. Leaving the pressure on Ambers back. Hayley and Caity having thrown down solid runs, so if Amber fell she would loose the tour.

All the pressure was on, and Amber jumped in the water, last of the dock. She opened with a huge raley, hitting the triple up wake and just kept on charging from there. Thus getting her booted into and off axis 3 and stomping a whirly to finish her pass. This resulted in Amber taking the tour stop, which meant she is now the 2007 Australian Pro Tour Champion.

Overall 2007 APTW Championship Results

  • Amber Wing (AUS)
  • Hayley Smith AUS)
  • Sunni Anne Ball (CAN)

Round 4 Results

  • Amber Wing (AUS)
  • Hayley Smith AUS)
  • Caitlin Blaauw (AUS)
  • Sunni Anne Ball (CAN)


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February 05, 2007