Chicks throw down 2006 - Australia


While wakeboard camps, clinics and demos are slowing down in the US they are only just starting to heat up down under, along with the weather. The weekend of the 17th and 18th November saw an all girls wakeboard clinic take place at the home of many Australian Pro Tour events – Stoney Park Port Macquarie.

"Chicks Throw Down," started in 2005 and was the creation of Amber Wing, who tirelessly promotes women’s wakeboarding. However 2006 saw a "Chicks Throw Down" event with a difference – it was free!

If you were a chick lucky enough to secure your spot, all you had to do was get yourself to Port Macquarie and you received a weekend of riding, eating and sleeping on site free of costs, thanks to sponsors Oakley, Liquid Force and Wing Wetsuits.

Amber’s purpose behind "Chicks Throw Down" is similar to her traveling thousands of miles around Australia each year, putting together female-only events. "I want to put on a weekend that all girls can come and learn and be able to afford. In the meantime they can meet Hayley Smith and myself, and find out what is involved in being a pro rider. They also get to meet other girls who wakeboard in their area."

"I want women’s wakeboarding to grow and I want to reach as many girls as I can. I’m tired of running an event and being told by girls they would love to come but can’t afford it" said Amber.

Girls aged between 13 and 40 years old came to "Chicks Throw Down," traveling from all of Australia for the chance to be involved. The weekend was predominately a slider weekend, which took the girls out of their comfort zone and into a new aspect of wakeboarding. The girls had the chance to hit anything from a nice easy fun box, to kickers, rails and step up/step down sliders.

The atmosphere throughout the whole weekend was supportive, chilled out and very social. There were antics involving toilets, pogo stick competitions, handstand competitions on top of sliders, and anything that might win you a pair of Oakleys.

Chelsea Wise rode at the 2005 "Chicks Throw Down" and was keen to participate at this year’s event. "It was so well organized, we had fantastic weather and the event was really appreciated by all the girls. Everyone seemed to be able to progress in their skill level and it was great that they could not be scared to fall off as there were no guys around, and they could get picked up again by the jet skis. It was great being pushed by Amber to boardslide the obstacles, and learn to hit a few sliders toe side."

Chelsea has been involved in wakeboarding for years, competing in state and nationals and has previously been involved in NSW wakeboard administration. "It was great to see a lot of girls I had never seen before. You are used to coming to wakeboard events and knowing everyone, but this weekend showed how many girls ride and are keen, and it shows how popular women’s wakeboarding is becoming outside the regular wakeboard circle."