Rolling O-Lab Goes Intl


Toronto Island and Wakestock 2007 had no idea what was in store for it as the O-lab and its crew came rolling in, destroying ferry ramps and nearly collapsing bridges on the way to educate 40,000 spectators about High Definition Optics.

The O-Lab was in full swing and hundreds of visitors checked out the scene. Many received a poster signed by wakeboard stars Amber Wing, Andrew Atkinson and Aaron Rathy. Between the O-Lab and the custom Winch Pool, Oakley had a strong presence at this year’s Wakestock.

Props go out to local Toronto rep, Ken Melhuis, for throwing down huge and making mends with the ferry crews and the City of Toronto as a whole. If working double time to get dealers and television crews through the lab wasn’t enough, he managed to get us a private V.I.P. ferry ride off the Island on our way east to beautiful Montreal.

Nascar made its inaugural visit to the great white north and the O-lab was there for all the action. Cuddled between speeding race cars and the Budweiser beer tent, the O-lab stoked thousands of Nascar fans with Oakley’s innovative technology, design and attitude.

Between the support of Toronto’s and Montreal’s media outlets during the downtown core visits, the O-lab was able to reach millions of viewers via shows such as Breakfast Televisions and a few other major television networks. All in all, the Rolling O-Lab’s international introduction couldn’t have been better!

Let’s see what another 3000 km’s can bring to the table, as the O-lab heads west to the Edmonton City Marathon…